24 April

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These past few weeks we’ve dug up some news on Jay-Z’s Tidal (flop) and the looming Mobilegeddon. We’re also scoping out houses set up exclusively for digital nomads — particularly a swanky four bedroom in Bali. Oh, and we’re training our dogs to take selfies!

Nomad House

Digital nomads unite! In fully-furnished, luxury houses around the globe.

Mirka: So far the only working house is in Bali, but working also on London, Berlin, Bangkok, and Chiang Mai.
Vojta: I’m going in September to test a villa we could rent out for sleighdogs ;)

How I Taught My Dog to Text Me Selfies

Sit Fido. On this big red button. Good boy! And voila, you’re training your dog to be the next Instagram star.

Jakub: For the IT savvy dogs out there.
Alicia: Who says the internet is for cats? loldogs ftw!

20-year-old Internet Screenshots

Business Insider shares 110 landing pages of a bygone era — one riddled with headlines in all caps, clip art, and a barrage of shitty graphics.

Vojta: This is just too perfect.


A website with really cool satellite images based iPhone wallpapers. Might be time to dress our tech in something new ☺ — Mirka

Game Oven’s dancing game for two

A game where two people hold a smartphone and rotate stuff on screen and, supposedly, it makes them do preconceived moves choreographed by Dutch National Ballet. Won a bunch of prizes, has a really cool video and we should definitely try it out (and make videos) ☺ — Vojta

Karl: I love stuff that turns passive consumption to active doing… and this looks really engaging — with the right amount of weird in it.
Alicia: Is that your way of volunteering to be one of the first sleighdogs dancers?
Vojta: Everyone has to do it!
Karl: Well, count me in.
Dominik: Me also. Ooooh, I wanna dance with somebody.


Novel approach to “back to top” buttons. This can definitely elevate your website experience! — Jakub

Vojta: Uh, I hate sound on web ☺
Jonas: Hehe — best invention ever! Pulling websites out of this flat virtual space to the real, fun, physical world ;)
Jakub: I hope you are already writing this feature in our project pitches, Jonas.
Jonas: Oh boy… That actually triggered something: http://theonion.github.io/fartscroll.js/
Karl: I can’t leave you alone, right?
Vojta: Scrollfarting is the only thing we do when you’re not in the office.
Karl: Noted.

Jay Z’s Tidal is already a spectacular flop

Tidal is having a bad time, seems mostly due to its own “smear campaign” against rivals and generally bad marketing / branding with super-stars no one could feel sorry for (about not being paid enough)… — Vojta

Karl: The whole communication seemed very elitist to me. Seeing all these hyper-paid, over confident people grouping up on stage is a frightening picture on its own. I never really got the “core message.” The article is mentioning “other streaming services pay a pittance to artists,” but the only thing I got was “we are awesome celebrities — and you can now buy something from our coolness to be cool yourself.” I think this type of branding reached its peak some time ago. Brands are about integrity and Tidal never felt like that. Maybe a good product — can’t even tell. + the core statement from the article for me is: “You can’t badmouth a strong app into a decline. In the hyper competitive app market, any media attention buoys apps with genuine consumer appeal.”

Mobilegeddon is upon us!

Google’s switching up their algorithm to favor mobile-friendly sites, leaving 40% of the top pages in the dust.

Vojta: sld.gs, of course, passes the test. And the websites we build ;)

Hipster & Hack

Self-proclaimed hipster Davis Knight and hack David Todd discuss three tech news stories — with a microbrew in hand, naturally.

Jonas: If you are somebody who can work best with some hipster chatter in the background ;)
Karl: I don’t dare to click play — but I am curious. Is it really hipsters chatting?
Jonas: They are shit talking and slagging a lot — like some girlie girls sharing their latest gossip about startups I guess ;)

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