Five Plugins to Streamline Your Sketch Workflow

... because some good fellas have already done the dreadful work for you.

By Mirka Voláková

Sketch seems to be the go-to app for designing UIs of any kind these days. It’s been made exactly for this purpose, and kept as simple as possible, with no extra fluff. However, at times you might need to simplify your workflow even more, or add some features that you feel Sketch is missing — that’s where plugins step in.

With the lively community around the app, there’s no wonder there’s already been a bunch of plugins released — and these are the ones I’ve become particularly fond of.

Content Generator

This is probably my favourite plugin for Sketch. It will save you a lot of time, because you no longer need to leave your design project to hop on a website and generate placeholders. Content Generator creates all the dummy content you need (text, images, user profiles, you name it) straight in your document.

Day Player

Day Player is similar to the previous plugin, because it provides placeholders, however, this plugin focuses solely on image placeholders. There are six websites available for you to choose your images from, and contrary to Content Generator, you don’t apply the images on pre-defined shapes, but fill in the size and specification through the plugin itself.

Sketch Style Inventory

Often times, you will find yourself in need of a HEX or RGB code for a particular colour in your design. This often involves some colour picker fiddling, or at least browsing through the document colours palette. Sketch Style Inventory is a great plugin that will create a neat colour palette with all the colours from your documents, and their corresponding HEX and RGB codes. On top of that, it can also generate and overview text and symbol styles.

Using the UI Elements by Piotr Kwiatkowski as a showcase.


If you are a colour palettes fan and are inspired by sites like Colourlovers, you’re in for a treat. This plugin lets you duplicate any Colourlovers palette straight to your project on a whim.

It’s as easy as one, two, three:
One — create a rectangle of your desired size.
Two — get the URL of your favourite colour palette from Colourlovers.
Three — run the plugin and paste the URL in. Done.


At first sight, SketchDistributor doesn’t do anything that Sketch can’t do by default — it lets you evenly distribute the objects either vertically or horizontally. The one extra thing that makes the plugin installation-worthy is that it lets you explicitly specify the spacing between these objects.

There are new plugins being added every day, and I have a couple more up my sleeve already, so stay tuned for a future update. Do you have a favourite plugin yourself? Or came by one that seemed interesting? I’d love to hear about it!

Mirka is our “hybrid designer” at Sleighdogs. She’s got multimedia down pat, codes beautiful websites, and is an aspiring front-end developer. She also wears the crown for most Swarm check-ins at the office. Follow @mirkavolakova for more design insights.

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