New library rules set to clamp down on students who forgot their ID

No access to the library without ID and no after hours PC suite in the new building, are amongst changes that await students in the new library.

The construction of the new library is set to finish on the 14th of August. Credit: Andy Binkiewicz

The new university library, which is set to open its door to Roehampton students in autumn, will offer numerous improvements and top-notch facilities, but will also introduce a strict entrance rule which will prevent anyone without a valid student ID from entering the building.

Currently, everyone without an ID can enter the library during the opening hours if they sign in the visitor’s log. The changes in the admission policy are the result of numerous instances of bad behaviour, students letting in people from outside the university and even fights.

“We are making changes, on one hand, we’re going to be supportive, but on the other hand we’re going to come down quite harsh, so you will not be able to go into the library without an ID card, said Susan Scorey, University Librarian.

“It’s your ID, your proof that you’re allowed to be here and use these lovely facilities.”

As Scorey explained, the library staff might be more “relaxed” towards those who forget their student card before 9 pm. “We’ll have full staff on duty and we can look you up on systems, but in the evenings we have a third party company looking after the library, so they won’t be able to do that.”

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The new library will be open from 8 am until midnight, and after that students will not be able to access PCs in the building, as they can now in the Wired. To compensate for that, there will be a PC availability software introduced for the student to check available computers before coming to the library and locating other places on campus that offer access to them after the library closes.

The building, which cost £35m, is set to will have been finished on the 14th of August. Then within two weeks, a third party company will move the books and equipment to the new building.

The interior of the new library. Credit: RSU President/FB

Once opened, the library will offer students numerous improvements. The number of seats will be increased by almost a half, to 1218 and each desk will be provided with power sockets and USB to ensure everyone can charge their devices. There also will be 60 laptops available for a self-loan and a variety of study booths and rooms to cater for everyone’s needs.

“We have a huge variety of booths everywhere, with different heights and different access. If you like privacy you can be inside, if you like hearing what other people are doing you can sit in somewhere else” said Scorey.

“ We really wanted to create a place where anyone can find a type of study space they like.”

The five-storey library will be open to students from the 1st of September, not to disturb them too much during the resits. It will be equipped with photovoltaic solar panels on the roof, and it will be naturally ventilated without air-conditioning.

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