UK: #NaturalHairMovement [video]

An increasing number of black women are going back to their roots — by renouncing hair relaxers, better known as chemical straighteners in order to reclaim their natural hairitage (hair + heritage).

Young black women rocking afro’s — Credit:

For centuries, black women have long felt pressured to wear bone straight hairdos in an effort to appeal to European standards of beauty. Rocking glorious fros or protective hairstyles such as dreadlocks and braids are often viewed as “untidy” or “unprofessional” and can even turn into a fireable offence in some workplaces. But the popularisation of the natural hair movement has become a global response for black women to take ownership of their identity by embracing the natural characteristics of their kinky, curly hair texture!

In her latest mini-doc, Naomie Touré Samarou features a group of young black women discussing the impact of the natural hair movement in the UK.