ONUKA. Electronic roots

If you have had enough of Western EDM music and you want something current, but different, then the Ukrainian band ONUKA is the perfect solution for you. Having started their work in summer 2013, ONUKA soon gained relevant success within the country and even abroad, thanks to a new conceptual and intellectual way of making music. Electronic sounds of their songs would have earned the respect of the forefathers of the genre, like Kraftwerk, inspirational elements of which are perceived already from the first video, Look.

However, to stand out from the mass of electronic music produced nowadays, ONUKA makes great use of blending different elements. Past and present go hand in hand in their work. Indeed, electronic sounds are pared with ‘classical’ instruments. But the girls go even deeper, re-invoking traditional music instruments and producing amazing sounds, in a way that Western and Ukrainian culture are blended together in an idyllic union. Nata, the band’s solo artist is always careful about Ukrainian past and the most recent album Vidlik released just last week, talks clearly about it. The mini album contains only 4 songs, because, as Nata herself explains, people want more and more newnesses, thus there is no point to wait for years for an album with a long list of tracks. Vidlik, with the meaning of “count” can be differently interpreted for each song. One of the tracks, 19 86, is dedicated to the theme of Chernobyl explosion, from which 30 years will be passed the 26th of April 2016. Here, the “count” is intended as the one of time before and after the disaster. The subject had had a significant influence on Nata’s life since she was a child, thus the band soloist wants to educate the new generation not to forget the terrific event, that still has an eco in our nowaday lives. While listening it is possible to hear segments of the talk between station dispatchers, registered during the accident. The original conversation can be also found on YouTube (Ukrainian title gives a better idea: The creepiest phone call of twenties century).


Meanwhile the song with the same name of the album recalls an actual electronic count, electronic algorithm. Google Translate voice is speaking here, pronouncing Ukrainian translations of English words, that become non-sense, because of the grammar difference between the languages.

With this album ONUKA showed that Ukraine is a country that is worth to be known not only for the late unfortunate events, but also for the talents it is plenty of. However, it is up to you to judge.

Written by Rita Chubur