Creative Ways To Use Funnel Diagrams in PowerPoint

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3 min readJul 9, 2022


Funnel diagrams are often used for representing different stages of a process and to identify potential problem areas. Creating a funnel chart from scratch can be nearly impossible without diagram makers and drawing applications; even then making a funnel diagram isn’t easy. The best way to create funnel diagrams is to simply use ready-made PowerPoint Templates.

Funnel Diagram For PowerPoint

The Funnel Diagram PowerPoint Template is a customizable funnel diagram maker that can be used for making various types of funnel diagrams in PowerPoint using editable PowerPoint sample slides. The first sample slide in the template comes with a basic funnel diagram layout, followed by more diverse funnel slides; all of which can be changed as per your requirement.

Changing funnel shape and color is quite easy, as you can use the PowerPoint Ribbon menu to perform required changes to the shape, color and overall look of the funnel diagram.

On the whole, this template provides an easy and quick mechanism for making funnel diagrams by simply populating the necessary fields within the sample slides.

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3D Funnel Analysis PowerPoint Template

This is a fine template for making an in-depth funnel analysis presentation. The 3D Funnel Analysis PowerPoint template provides customizable shapes and many readymade sample slides which can be edited to add your own funnel analysis steps.

Each sample slide provides diverse and colorful designs for making a funnel analysis with the help of a 3D funnel shape. The template also provides individual slides for elaborating each step of the funnel analysis.

You can not only use this template for making different types of standalone funnel analysis slides but also use the template to display the different steps of a funnel analysis in detail. The template provides quite an attractive 3D design, which is both eye-catching and easy to grasp; which can help you present complex data more conveniently.

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