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Tempo is out of Beta — Now it’s time to focus

Since Tempo entered public Beta at the end of 2019, we’re proud to have shared our vision of what email could be with 12,000 like-minded users, which have helped us shape Tempo to where it is today. Now, after a year-long journey of blood, sweat, and emails, we couldn’t be more excited to announce that Tempo is finally out of Beta!

We dreamt of building a solution that would reduce the amount of time spent checking email notifications and our inbox, giving us more time to focus on being productive elsewhere. Over time, this idea grew into offering a solution that’s not only for us but something for everyone to feel in total control of their email and not to let it take over their life. This solution became Tempo.

If you’re already not familiar, let’s take a quick look at the benefits of using Tempo.

Tempo helps you stay out of your inbox by bundling new emails and delivering them in batches based on your schedule. The time spent going back-and-forth between your inbox and checking notifications can now be spent focusing on everything else, be it work, hobbies, or spending time with friends.

In Tempo, you’re able to sort through new emails in one-go, allowing you to make quick decisions about what’s important and what’s not. Mark every email that needs your attention as To do, then archiving the rest. It turns an overwhelming task into something manageable.

Everything you care about that you’ve marked as To do — say an invoice from a client or an update from your family — is kept in a separate list for you to have a clearer overview of what matters the most.

Email communication should be an enjoyable experience, and dare I say it, should be a cherished experience. In Tempo, the Compose and Focus mode does just that. Block out all distractions, and focus on that moment in time.

For a quick run-through of Tempo’s main features, watch the video below:

A product funded by you

Now that Tempo is out of Beta, we’ve introduced two price plans — €10 per month, or €99 a year. Everyone can give Tempo a try for free for 14-days before entering any payment details. Visit our pricing page for more info.

The Tempo honor roll

We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the support of our friends, users, sponsors, and testing community. On behalf of the team, I’d love to give a huge thanks to the following:

Adrian Spiegelt, Andrew Chou, Anna Filou, Anthony Yam, Anton Häggman Munsterhjelm, Aske Hansen, Benjamin Hoppe, Charles Beaulieu, Chaz Johnson, Chris Frantz, Chris Erickson, Cory Cronin, Daniel Lichtenegger, Denis Moulin, Felipe Maximino, Francois Epinat, Jon Minor, Juan Christofer, Kate Hildenbrand, Kim Schneider, Landon Varner, Marcel Barthold, Michael Jones, Nate Jones, Noah Raskin, Renan Sigolo, Scott Mitchell, Sonja Askarjan, Taylor Hunt, Wójcik, Yalin Solmaz, Jesse Box, Elliot Jay Stocks, Jamees Bedford, Jeff Sheldon, Gabriel White, Chris Wong, Jay Keeree, Tomaž Štolfa, Mike Cutler, Aske Dørge, Torben Larsen, Klaus Schwarzenberger, Rasmus Smidt, Larry Ioannidis, Eva Pavlikova, Casper Lourens, Eva Pavlikova, Jakub Opršal, Michael Owusu, John Ellison, Vincent Kavanagh, John Henry Müller, Rasmus Andersson, Ignacy Kasperowicz, Mo Niknafs, David O’Brien, Nick Trusty, Basil Philipp, Gabriel Enamorado, Paul Hoffmann, Rikard Eide, Ahmed Farrakha, Kody Dahl, Oberon Lai, Adrian Bordinc, Nick Gurney, Eldon Yoder, Adam Kolmačka, Jeff Morgan, John Steelman. Apologies to who we’ve missed out!

What’s on the Tempo horizon?

As we look forward to 2021, we aim to:

With more and more independent creators writing and curating inspiring newsletter content, we want to honor them by offering a dedicated space to read and appreciate this art form.

Tempo is opinionated by design, but we also want you to make it yours. We’re working on several features that will allow you to personalize Tempo, from a customizable workspace layout to more freedom to organize your emails. We can’t wait to share this with you.

Day by day, we’re closer to the launch of Tempo mobile. In fact, the iOS version is already in the hands of a few members of Tempo’s wonderful community. Sign up to get notified when Tempo mobile is live.

When the app went into Beta, the team consisted of three people. Now, we have eight team members spread across Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Lyon, and Utrecht. Over the next few months, we aim to grow the team by another two members, which means we’re hiring! We’re currently looking for a React-Native Developer & Product Advocate. Want to work with us? Visit our careers page.

As we continue to push out updates and improvements, we want to share every step of the Tempo journey with you. To keep up-to-date on the world of Tempo, sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Twitter.

We’re a dedicated team that’s not hidden behind a corporate facade; we’re here for you. We aim to be as transparent as possible and are always available for a chat. Reach out to me anytime.

Onno, Tempo Co-Founder



Opinions, updates, and insights from the Tempo team. Tempo is an app, but we’re also people. This is not a sales pitch.

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