Join @TheSmoothBear on a Slinger Adventure!

Making art can be a frustrating endeavor. We have played guitar for no one in smoky bars and we have spent hours making videos that only received three views. We have drawn pictures, sang songs, and written poems that we would love to share with the world.

Well, I have good news for the aspiring artist in each of us: Slinger might just be your next adventure.

Plain and simple, Slinger was made by creators and it is for creators. It’s a new community, which means anyone can join and help clear a path for themselves and the future of the app. With new creators making fantastic vertical videos all the time and several new features coming out soon, Slinger is an unexplored wilderness, and I want to invite you to come along on our adventure.

Vertical video offers a new perspective — a portrait of your face captured while holding up your phone like a FaceTime call. Whether it’s Harris Markowitz getting slapped in the face on Snapchat or Bree Olsen spilling her guts on Periscope, making vertical videos is an introspective journey into the soul.

Now is your chance to make a statement and stand out early. Find your own storytelling style and join the community of creative Slingers who are sharing mind-blowing content every day. Make a personal video. Spill your guts. Make a short film about buying chips. Whatever your story is, tell it. Get out there and Sling something.

-By Eric Parent a.k.a. @thesmoothbear

This is the first in a series of posts contributed by Slinger’s most engaged creators. Follow TheSmoothBear on Slinger for entertaining videos featuring original music and snippets of his family’s life in Florida.

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