Needle Junkie

The magic musical cure all for the wounded. The best drug comes in the form of lyrics and a tune.

A.j Thomas
Slinging Some Ink
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1 min readNov 28, 2023


Photo by Jakob Rosen on Unsplash

Hello to an old friend,

Greetings to a memory trapped in a melody,

A travel into a time machine,

A band-aid to close a wound,

A knife to split it wide open,

A key to fit the lock,

A beam to support the bridge,

Carrying a tune over the river of tears,

Wielding the weapon of words that wake your heart,

The needle that pierces the veins of your soul,

The beat that makes your blood run cold,

A song that surrounds your inner self,

Reminding you of who you are,

Caring not from wherest you came,

A junkie for the cure all,

The poetic painkiller,

The noise that knows no prejudice,

The amplifying addiction that soothes,

The withdrawal from the world,

Into the lyrics of a better life,

A rhythm placed on repeat until the revolver hits the record again.



A.j Thomas
Slinging Some Ink

Literary gutter vixen words of love and lust, sprinkled in pixie dust.