The boots standing on your post-election chest

Why are we even faced with the notion that men will define women’s health decisions? We aren’t property any more, and we even get to vote. If it’s inside of our skin, it’s between us and our doctors.

This is my sister, Regina at last year’s Multiple Sclerosis walk. Regina taught me everything I know about love. MS patients who make difficult decisions about their future every day taught me even more about love.

The rest of our country has challenges, too. Manufacturing jobs aren’t coming into the country at the rate they left. While it becomes cheaper to manufacture here because of robots at a 1/10 ratio at best, manufacturing will not add net now jobs.

The population of people who don’t have an immediate role in “fast world” is growing. There is no measure of training (because no one knows what is next — we aren’t in factory land any more) that will provide an elegant path from old world to new world. I believe there will be a pendulum of localization that will take care of some of this from a market perspective. But it’s not going to cover every single human, because we aren’t all built the same.

Being open to change is a strength. I don’t understand what “conservative” means. The world is moving at the pace of the planet. We can’t (and shouldn’t want to) stop it. Like it or not, we are competing on the global stage, and we aren’t in the driver’s seat. The better our country handles change, the better.

If the Trump Administration requires registration of Muslims, I’m a Muslim. I will recruit lots of new Muslims to register alongside our fellow humans.

Religion — I’m not a fan of organized religion. It’s very dangerous when you teach children to follow other people’s instincts instead of instructing them to interpret their internal instincts and radar. It’s so easy for charismatic leadership to swoop in and capture them. Best that we don’t brainwash children.

On the topic of LGBTQ. Recognize that this population is equal in size to Jewish people. Plus, a broad spectrum of sexuality has existed since the beginning of humanity. Check out the statues of the Popes’ (plural) lovers in the Vatican. Since this is 2016, can’t we just take off our starched Puritan Collars — recognize that homophobic men are actually gay — and let live to love?

We all take the same dirt nap, and love/warmth/joy feels so much better than “no cake for you.”

The population of the US is declining. I believe this explains the continued sloppiness of our immigration policies. We recognize that we need population growth from Mexico, and this is messy but cheap. Remember when the Italians and Irish beat the shit out of each other in New York in the olden days? Maybe we can do a better job this time — because this human soup is the basis of our greatness.

Elections aren’t the Super Bowl. Next time, let’s focus on the human we believe, once faced with the deepest secrets of the world, will make the right decisions for humanity. If we don’t find a way to spread the resource, intelligence, love, and wealth around the planet — our single planet species will cease to be.

We can do this. I learned everything about love from my sister, Regina.

Technology companies, especially.

Grace Frieda Schroeder