Esports Daily: Jan. 8, 2016

Esports enjoyed a bit of a crossover with yesterday’s CounterStrike: Global Offensive match in Las Vegas. As part of it, Duncan “Thorin” Shields and Richard Lewis and James Bardolph appeared with members of TNT’s “Inside the NBA” crew. He and Shaq had a nice back-and-forth. A hilarious re-make is here.

Here’s a fun look at the year in esports by the numbers.

Esports Entrepreneur wrote about how to use snapchat in esports.

Riot Games released preview videos to get fans excited for the beginning of the League of Legends Championship Series next week in Europe and North America. The content drew mixed reviews, but the production quality is high.

Teams in Brazil are apparently threatening to boycott the start of their domestic league after the revelation that two teams in the league are owned by a father and son. (The article was translated)

The eSports Observer compiled a list of the best esports reads from 2015 that’s worth checking out.

A look at Valve Corporation’s banning history by Splyce.

Renegades is adding a League of Legends team in the European Challenger Series.

Gambit Gaming has entered CS:GO with a pretty recognizable roster.

A story about the complexity of the games in esports.

Registration for the second Heroes of the Storm “Enter the Storm NA” tournament begins Monday.

The Smite World Championships kicked off Thursday and will continue through the weekend, with a prize pool of $1 million and the winning team taking home $500,000.

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