Internet Reax: ESPN gets into esports

From time to time, we’ll bring readers a feature showing the Internet’s polarizing reactions to esports news. What better way to start than with the mothership, ESPN, announcing the launch of its esports coverage.

ESPN’s involvement is going to be fascinating in esports, an industry that has thrived without much mainstream interest and is filled with fans perfectly happy with it staying that way.

The first day has, well, had some issues:

Today’s announcement did answer the weeks-long question of just who would become the “ESPN of esports,” though…

The timing is interesting considering the morning’s Washington Post story about ESPN’s outlook. The Internet tried to react more, but Reddit wouldn’t allow it for reasons that don’t really seem make sense. Alas.

Some were happy about the move, which will undoubtedly bring esports into a more prominent national light. Time will tell how, exactly, this decision affects the industry, but it expects to be big.

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