Likkrit has chickenpox

Albus NoX Luna player Kirill “Likkrit” Malofeyev has been diagnosed with chickenpox, Slingshot learned Sunday, three days after Likkrit’s team qualified through the quarterfinals by finishing second in Group A.

Likkrit has rapidly become one of the most popular players at worlds between leading Albus NoX Luna — a wild card team — out of groups and giving spirited interviews along the way.

But he has apparently been sick for some time. In an interview with Slingshot on Thursday, Michael “Kira” Garmash said Likkrit and Alexander “PvPStejos” Glazkov have been battling sickness and alluded to spots on Likkrit’s skin.

“PvPStejos and Likkrit are already ill for two months since our bootcamp, maybe three months, before our grand final,” Kira said Thursday. “At Wild Card they got more sick, so yeah, my teammates are sick. Especially Likkrit, now he has red circles on his skin. We don’t know what the fuck is this, we just said to him “OK (if) you are dying, just play our game and then die afterwards, please.”

Riot Games had no official comment, though Likkrit’s condition is not expected to delay the tournament schedule. The quarterfinals begin Thursday in Chicago.

Photo courtesy of Riot Games.

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