Because I’m Happy#11

Four months — Post Op.

I can definitely say that this was the healthiest month in the last 10 or so months. I continued my daily exercises and Surya namaskar’s, I could see with each day progress in my physical health. I can now sit for 2 hours continuously with no pain at all, walk for 45min with no pain and above all do 15 Surya namaskar’s including few stretching exercises.

Climbing stairs was a major challenge in this month. At my home, we have a staircase with 19 flights of steps. In the beginning of the month, I could climb only 5 steps at once with one step at a time like a small kid. Slowly that increased to 10 and later to 19, but I still would climb like a small kid. It took me around 3 weeks to climb steps like an adult, now I can even skip one step and climb. I do it only once or twice a week cause I get scared sometimes.

I did so many things in this month after almost half a year. Ate Ice-Cream which my friends brought, sat on our terrace parapet, took car out of our garage, got a haircut, saw a whole movie on our television set and so many things which I never thought I could do it again. The best feeling was when I sat on the floor again, I started to feel like nothing had ever happened to me. Overall, it was a happy and enjoyable month.

On 31st if March, we went to meet the doctor again. This was the best journey ever, there was no pain what so ever, I started feeling normal again. For a change even doctor was happy seeing my progress, he again asked me to walk on my toes and then on my heels. This time I did it perfectly like a normal person, he then asked me to bend and touch my toes, which also I could easily do it. Everyone was happy :) He then prescribed me few tablets for 2 more months and told me that I can start working again. The doctor also said that I can slowly start to go for morning walk and depending on my progress, start to run as well, it was amazing hearing all of this. We had our lunch and set back to our home.

My next goal is to start early morning runs again and try to cover at least 2–3 kms. This month has just been amazing, I couldn’t ask for more. Thank you, everyone, for reading and being part of my journey, see you all in June.

This blog, SlipoScopic is a place for me to share my current life experience with a herniated disc and more importantly, my post-surgical progress, each month.Read the story of how it all started.

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