Unreal Real #5

Day One — Post Op.

I did not sleep well last night. I was anxious about what will show up on my plate today. My part of my back that was operated on is stiff. I have mild pain in my right arm IV area and parts of my body are aching perhaps, from the sleeping position. Everything else seems good. After so many mornings of waking up with pain, this feeling is speechless and dreamlike.

I met with the doctor in the afternoon today and he said that I can go back to my home town, Belgaum. My parents and I were a bit skeptical about going a hundred kms away from the Doc but he assured safety and convinced us to go home and begin the recovery process, which was a good thing because I am not a huge fan of hospitals. I was taught my hourly exercise routines to keep my blood flowing and my core strong. After an injection and a redressing of the surgical wound, I was off. I am meeting with the Doc again in 15 days.

I reached home without any pain, getting inn and out of car is easier now. Ahh… it really feels like a dream. I am still drowsy, and not understanding much of what is happening around me. So for now, I am going with the flow and doing my hourlys.

I don’t know who is reading this. But, if you are going through something like I have, I would like to hope that these posts are helping you in some way or the other.

Some Post-Surgery Tips

  • Have people around you, as you won’t be allowed to bend or twist or lift heavy items.
  • Have someone to call when you wake up because you may get dizzy after.
  • Don’t stress yourself out. Don’t be in a hurry. Take complete bed rest for a couple of weeks and have patience with your body. It is doing all it can to help you.

This blog, SlipoScopic is a place for me to share my current life experience with a herniated disc and more importantly, my post-surgical progress, each week. Read the story of how it all started.

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