When in O.T. #4

Finally, the doom’s day arrived. I woke up with a thought-free mind and took a nice, warm bath. Something, I wouldn’t be allowed to do for the next 15 days. It felt only slightly short of getting ready for a battle. My family prayed for a successful surgery and I felt like I looking at me from outside of myself. At 9 am, I was given saline and taken to the the Operation Theater at 10.30, my first time there.

I had mixed feeling — happy to get rid of the pain, worried that the surgery might not go well, scared and nervous but, the hospital staff managed to calmed me down.

They fixed an oxygen nose tube and induced general anesthesia. Within moments of the giddiness, I was out and the next thing I knew, they were drawing me out of the O.T. on a stretcher. It took me a while to orient myself before I realised that the pain had disappeared. Magic is the only word I can use to describe it. I had some pain near the surgical area and my right upper thigh but the doctor assured me it was only muscular. The drugs made me high and I pretty much spoke rubbish through those, to my parents, which in retrospect, I think was quite funny.

Once I gained complete consciousness, I was asked to stand up and go to the loo. Honestly, I thought I would fall standing up on my own, but as it happened, for the first time in four months I could stand pain-free. After that, they showed me some exercise routines that I was supposed to do every hour for the next couple of weeks.

The whole experience was thrilling and confusing, both at the same time. My parents were overjoyed and looking at them I rediscovered my own joy. I am on a high dosage of meds right now and that’s preventing the post-surgical pain for now. The exact result will come to light in a day or two and that is when I shall post again.

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