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Spewing and Wind in the ‘Las Vegas of England’

There is so much to like about the depressing Northern English town of Blackpool.

The Doctors said that I had an underdeveloped sphincter — not the anal sphincter, thank Christ — but the sphincter of the throat.

Growing up, I was always contending with Blackpool’s famous horrendous wind.

The sight of the human-like turd made Carlos want to quit surfing forever

Death by weather is common in Blackpool. Another unusual way it occurs is when it snows heavily in winter.

I would often fake sickness at school so I didn’t have to go outside in the torturous wind.

My parents bought me my first guitar when I was nine.

Before going corporate, even Elon wanted to be a rock star.

We had two groupies and a show now, our rock-n-roll future was written.

Less than three years later, I was in Waterloo Platoon, trying to get the fuck out of the British Army before my unit was posted to a dangerous part of Belfast in Northern Ireland.

I went back to visit Blackpool just before coming out to Australia.

The famous Blackpool Tower — often, strangely, mistaken for the Eiffel Tower

We should have stayed at home that day.



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