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Slippery Fiction

The Last Mushroom Trip I Ever Did

It was May 2016 when I got the call from an old Mate who I had not seen for a couple of years.

Psilocybe Subaeruginosa
The Stringybark Forests of Lorne, Victoria
Mushroom Tea is made by simmering mushrooms in a pan for fifteen minutes and adding one’s choice of herbs — I recommend chamomile (for calm); Tumeric and Fennel seeds (for digestion)
Some might argue that high volume jazz isn't the best soundtrack for a mushroom trip. I beg to differ
Hundreds of eyes were looking back at me in the forest
Artwork by Alex Grey
Image courtesy @vismayagrawal24
Alice in Wonderland could easily be an account of a strong mushroom trip
Dalai Lama by Alex Grey



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