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2 min readSep 9, 2020


When was first founded, the goal was to enable smart locks to be controlled through Ethereum-based smart contracts, hence the name Slock stood for a secure, safe, or smart lock (your pick); “” was the call to action to use a smart contract-enabled lock (“slock”) to lock something in a way that someone would pay to use it, thereby enabling a decentralized sharing economy.

Well, that was 2015 and we have evolved substantially such that we are no longer focusing on smart locks. First, we developed the world’s smallest blockchain client (in terms of size and footprint: ~300kb) called Incubed (IN3) — which can be used for IoT, mobile, and other applications. Then, after our successful M&A with Blockchains, we were no longer an independent company and our scope tremendously increased to not only focus on IoT, but to develop a technology platform on top of the Ethereum chain capable of empowering individuals with greater control of their digital assets, better protection through professional key management, and freedom of choice and customization when navigating the Web3.

Now that our integration into Blockchains is complete, and we are functioning as a single, unified entity, and with our efforts moving away from “smart locks”, it no longer makes sense to go by the name GmbH will now operate under the name BC Development Labs GmbH, with current and future staff members identifying under the Blockchains brand. I look forward to building the technical foundation for our blockchain-based smart city in northern Nevada and a suite of tools to accelerate and support the transition of Web3 and the emerging digital economy.

We are excited about the future and opportunities which lay ahead…building the world we have always dreamed of, as one team!

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Christoph Jentzsch