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40 States Where You Can Hold a Sloth — Source:

Where Can I See a Sloth in the US

Where Can You See Sloth in The US? Is there any sloth near me? Most people do not know that you can see a sloth and in certain locations even hold a sloth and have a Sloth Encounter here in the United States.

Visit to find out a state near you.

See a Sloth Near You

Any sloth lover would like to see a sloth up close and personal. Well, here is a list of states where sloths live in the United States and where you can see them. Some places will let you feed a sloth, and occasionally you will get to pet a sloth as well.

The sloth habitats are listed by state with all the contact information. You’ll find the word “Sloth Encounter” or something similar listed at the end if you’re able to interact with the sloths. Look for our Sloth Of The Day Icon to find them easier.

In the event that the sloth sanctuary has a sloth encounter available, make sure to call or email them from their website. Some sloth encounters have a higher price than the zoo admission, some are only at certain times and some are by reservation only. There are also age and group size restrictions on some of them, so please plan accordingly.

Not all states, zoos and habitats are listed, just the ones that I was able to determine had a sloth on an exhibit of some kind. If we missed any places where you can hold a sloth please contact us and let us know.

Visit to find out a state near you.

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