5 Proven Product Page Strategies to Drive Sales

The goal of a product page is to drive conversion and tell a compelling product story that pushes users to add products to their cart. Here are 5 proven tactics great product pages use convert traffic into sales:

  1. Clear Call to Action
    Let’s start with the basics, the Add to Cart button is the most important component on the page and should stand out from the surrounding content. The area around the button should be uncluttered so that there are no distractions or obstacles that block the user. It should also be immediately visible when you first land on the page — i.e. if your product description pushes the add to cart button below the bottom of the browser, its time for a redesign.
Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 3.30.09 PM
We designed Wristology’s “Add to Cart” button to be clear and uncluttered to better drive conversion.

2. Beautiful Photography

Showcasing your product through beautiful photography is key to capturing the shopper’s attention. Great photography and a design that shows it off is crucial to the success of an e-commerce website — it makes all the difference. This is also what separates your website from Amazon and other marketplaces, it’s your opportunity to design an experience that casts your product in the best light. Show multiple angles, allow users to zoom, call out unique features — good photography builds expectations and credibility.

We knew that the main challenge in selling bath linens direct-to-consumer was telling the story around this tactile product’s quality and materials, so we focused on creating beautiful product photography that allowed consumers to imagine how great the products feel — without ever even touching them.

3. Video
If your photography doesn’t tell the full story of the product, a short video or quick gif is a great way to show detail, show the product in action, and add a touch of the brand story or personality.

PJ-instructional (1)
To help bring the Phoebe James products to life we created a short video that showed how the unique clasp works. The video also highlights the different products while infusing elements of the brand story.

4. Social Proof
Adding social proof adds credibility and definitively boosts conversion. Reviews, photos from Instagram, and first-person testimonials are a great way to build consumer trust and encourage purchasing behavior. Especially for new brands, giving consumers reasons to believe adds a layer of trust to the buying experience.

We made MD Solar Sciences consistently stellar reviews a focal point to increase consumer confidence in their sun care line.

5. Product Upsell
Whenever possible, and without detracting from the featured product, there should be opportunities for the user to discover related products, purchase the product as part of a kit or bundle, and/or subscribe to receive the product on a regular basis. If you can add an incentive like free shipping over a certain purchase amount or “buy together and save” offers — even better.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 3.32.04 PM
When we developed Wristology’s business strategy, a key component was selling more than one watch or strap at a time. We added related products so that customers could easily add more styles to their cart.

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