5 Questions We Ask Every Brand We Work With

We’ve all heard it before, the attention span of the modern consumer is dwindling. In about .12 seconds flat a brand must be able to communicate who they are and what they stand for, and that’s no small feat! I mean, are you still reading this?

A brand is built through every small interaction it has with its audience: from the obvious brand elements like visual identity, messaging, UX to other touch points like customer service. All of these elements are part of the larger story that a brand or organization tells about itself. Of course you love your brand, but why should the customer? We partner with brands (old, new, big, small) to help uncover these stories and bring them to life through design. These are the 5 questions we ask to help us get there:

  1. How do you (quickly) describe your business to someone unfamiliar with what you do?

Cocktail party, elevator pitch, 100 foot view — whatever you want to call it, what’s the simplest way to define your offerings? (Don’t worry we’ll get into the nitty gritty later.) Why do we ask? Every brand needs a short statement in their messaging toolkit that explains who you are, what makes you different, and why anyone should care. If it takes a half hour to explain your business model and the value you bring to your audience, then we know that brand positioning and messaging hierarchy (i.e. clarity!) are going to be a creative challenge we’ll need to solve.

2. What is your promise to consumers?

Great brands stand behind their values. They tell their consumers what they’re going to do, then deliver on it. For instance, for Disney, that’s magical experiences. On any given day, Disney doesn’t say “let’s make our wake-up calls magical” they say, “we’re promising our consumers magical experiences, let’s make sure everyone from the CEO to hotel employee making wake-up calls knows that this is the promise we have to deliver on.” When we work with clients, we’re a part of your team — so it’s our job to understand what you’re willing to stand for, then build consumer expectations and deliver at every touchpoint.

3. What alternatives do your consumers have?

And why should they choose your brand over the competition? We want to know what makes the business unique so we can find creative ways to tell your consumers why they should choose your brand.

4. Is there a story behind the brand?

Take us on your journey. Are you a historical family brand that opened in the 1900s and looking for a brand refresh? Did you come up with the greatest, most unique product ever? Or are you competing in a saturated market place and looking for ways to differentiate? No matter how much or little you’ve established as a brand, we want to hear it all. We’ll work together to tell the brand’s story in a way that will resonate with relevant audiences. After all, it’s the telling of this story that makes a brand feel human and allows consumers to understand and engage on a deeper level. The story we tell is ultimately woven into every single brand touchpoint from the logo to social channels.

5. How do you define success for your business?

What are your goals as a business and how can we help you get there? Whether its brand awareness or to hit a number of sales, as your partners, we’ll use these goals to shape the strategy behind the way that we tell your story and position the brand in the marketplace.

Is your head already overflowing with questions and ideas? Call us up! We love talking about this stuff, honestly, we really do.