Holiday Marketing Content that Doesn’t Suck.

Note: this is a recap of a talk from Shopify’s November NYC Meetup.

It’s that time of year again — the air is getting colder, your schedule is starting to get booked up with holiday parties, and jingle bells is on permanent loop in your head. It’s also time to create your holiday marketing campaigns, here are some tips to make sure that your content doesn’t suck:

Don’t be a cliche. You’re better than that. Just say ‘NO’ to bad stock art and changing your website to red and green for the month of December, it’s not going to make your brand stand out.

Be Authentic.

Like the rest of the year, your holiday marketing content should be authentic to your brand. Spend time creating a holiday moodboard to explore what holiday can look like for your brand. Having an established plan for a holiday look and feel will keep your marketing content from veering into visual clichés and also give your designers a diverse toolkit to draw from when they’re designing yet another holiday banner ad or email.

Own your voice and say something that they’ll remember.

Photoshopping a sprig of holly into a product shot and rehashing lines from Christmas carols won’t differentiate your brand from the thousands of holiday promotions your consumers will see this season. Think about how you can create unique messaging for the season. The more authentic you are to your individual brand voice, the more memorable you are to your consumers.

At a loss for words? We’ve distilled it down into 6 major questions that you should ask to build content around holiday.

  1. What’s special for the holidays? Every offer is an opportunity to create marketing content for emails, pop-ups, social content and ads. Look at what you have to offer consumers like holiday specific or new product drops, gift wrapping, product bundles, free shipping, and etc. Each of these offers is an opportunity for you to connect with your consumer.
  2. What’s giftable and how can you show that? Think about how you can utilize filters and collections to make the shopping experience better for holiday shoppers. Some examples are: shop by price or shop by recipient (i.e. gifts for dad).
  3. How can you contextualize products? Your consumers may not think of you as a resource for gifts — use influencer content and gift lists to suggest and contextualize giftable products from your catalog. Make new collections pages to group products by unique themes.
  4. How can you encourage adding additional value to cart? For instance offering bundled packages and product suggestions, have discounted items with a purchase, show relevant product suggestions, or add cart value for free shipping.
  5. Can you empower the recipient? Your existing email list is consumers who already love your products. Give them an opportunity to “nudge” their love loved ones to give them that product they’ve been eyeing.

6. When is the last day you can ship? Create email marketing around the countdown to shipping milestones, offer discounts on shipping that are time sensitive for added incentive and offer regular shipping, rush shipping, or last minute e-gifts.

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