Registering Your Business

What is the objective?

To register your business and fulfill your government and industry administrative requirements

Why is this important?

In this project you want to do this once and get it right the first time. Most of the work in the first 5 Stages is a first pass. You make your best guess based on fact finding and experimentation. The 6th Stage is all about finalizing what is already working in your business.

What do you need to know to do this?

You should have a clear idea about what you will be doing to deliver on your business promise.

The Project

Choose your business name.

In this project you fulfill your legal and administrative requirements of your industry and your government. What designations do you need? What language can you use given your designation? What permits do you require? What work do you need to do to get those permits? Are there safety issues?

How will you you know you have succeeded with this project?

You will have the permits, designations you need.

What is important to carry on to the next projects?

You need to get this right the first time.

Every week I post the next Project. You are welcome to work on it here, ask questions in the comments, answer questions in the comments and let us know how you are doing.

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