Stage 5 Team’s Journey

Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash

Sales are coming in. You know what you are doing to get, keep and delight your customers. Now it is time to build out your team.

Gone are the days when your people stay with you for decades. They will stay as long as they are getting what they need to grow, to contribute to a larger reason and to have the freedom to bring their best selves to their work.

Your job is to make that time with you so valuable that you attract the best, keep them as long as possible and then encourage them to continue to be your brand ambassadors. You do that by discovering what will make them happy and giving it to them.

Recognize, too, that your team is much bigger than just your staff and contractors. Everyone who touches you and your business has an interest in helping you succeed. Help them help you by guiding them on their journey through your business.

Communication is key! Both ways.

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