How Networking Improves Small Business Success

Everyone remembers the most popular kid from high school.

Most likely, they were a part of every team and clique, from sports to academia to theatre, and had connections propelling them past entry examinations and waiting lists.

Without knowing it, school is our first real taste of networking. We make friends and form relationships with people that we share similarities with.

It’s also our first glimpse into how networking impacts overall success.

Many students get their first job through a friend’s family, where they network with even more people and so on.

Networking doesn’t stop being important after you walk across that school stage.

In a world where millions are trying to grab the world’s attention, knowing the right people helps small business owners attract consumers.

Here’s how small business leaders can benefit from the power of networking.

Commerce Chain

Imagine you’re a small business owner that sells eco-friendly clothing, and you meet a Portuguese shoemaker at a local trade fair.

Although there isn’t a direct connection between your businesses, the shoemaker has a friend in Italy who has been searching for eco-friendly apparel.

Since the Portuguese shoemaker has gotten to know you during your conversation, they trust you enough to refer you to their friend in Italy.

This helps your small business in the short term by supplying a potential business lead, but it doesn’t stop there.

Regardless of whether or not the Italian friend buying from you, there may be people in their network that are interested in your products.

This spider-web effect is all too common, and can become lucrative for small businesses once they’ve developed their network.

Learn from the Best

An important, but often underappreciated, part of global trade is how cultural awareness can make or break business success.

This can be as drastic as unintentionally insulting someone’s culture, or as minor as losing a popularity contest with someone who is culturally immersed.

Like anything else, putting in hard work and showing engagement and interest goes a long way.

Make sure to read up on where you’re going, learn the etiquette and experience so that you can speak to them not as a foreign visitor, but as a friend.

Veem has created comprehensive international business guides so small business owners can find all the information that they need in one convenient location.

But if you have the option, the best way to immerse yourself in a culture is…well, to immerse yourself. Who better to learn from than locals?

“When in Rome, act as the Romans do” doesn’t only apply when you’re visiting Italy.

Learning about culture can help your networking resonate with audiences, and further develop your consumer base.

Insider Information

Don’t worry, this isn’t illegal — although the results you get may suggest otherwise.

When you can’t find what you’re looking for in a store, who do you turn to?

Nobody knows foreign business markets better than the experts working in it everyday.

From new business trends to cutting-edge technology, networking can supply you with secret strategies that you can use to gain a competitive edge.

There’s plenty that you can learn and apply to your market entry strategy, including where consumers can be found, how much they’re willing to pay for certain products, and which values they care about.

And the answers can be only a conversation away.

Networking is about relationships. It’s about connecting people with people, in the hopes of creating mutual benefit.

A great way to delight your business friends is by using Veem.

Talking about payment can be excruciating for small business owners. It’s like talking about religion or politics at the dinner table.

Veem works behind the scenes to ensure you pay or get paid as seamlessly as possible.

And with extensive security measures and comprehensive customer support, your money is in safe hands at all times.

Join Veem today and say hello to painless payments.

This content was originally published on the Veem blog. Check it out for more information and exclusive articles.



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