Where to Get Work Done While on Vacation

We all joke that we could use a vacation. But the truth is that most of us don’t ever get around to taking one. In fact, nearly 50% of small business owners take off only major holidays, or skip taking time off altogether.

Personally, my head would explode if I didn’t get some time off. There’s a reason why I don’t run a business.

We all dream of a worry-free and stress-relieving vacation. If you’re a business owner, getting things done relieves stress, not putting them off.

Especially if you have family, someone is going to force you to take a vacation.

If you’re one of the busy-bodies that just can’t step away from work too long, this is the list for you.

For those looking for a place to chill and pay the bills, read on.

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Guangzhou, China (Trade Shows)

When you think vacation, chances are you’re thinking beaches and cocktails by the sea. The only problem is that there’s no WiFi out there and everyone wants to be left alone (seriously don’t talk to me, ever).

Most people probably haven’t heard of one of China’s most prominent port cities. It’s known for its architecture, not its beaches. But, the biggest gem this city of 14.5 million has to offer is the Canton Fair.

The Canton Fair is arguably the biggest trade show in the world. It’s held bi-annually in the city, and attracts more than 24,000 of China’s most prominent foreign trade companies.

The event has taken place every second year since 1957, and businesses from around the world flock to it for networking, partnership, and investment opportunities. The Canton Fair generally focuses around Electronics, but is sold as China’s largest “import and export” fair.

While you’re taking in the immaculate structures, amazing food, and diverse people, why not suggest a sly slide over to the Canton Fair for some totally-not-work-related fun?

At least you’ll have a good time, right?

Seoul, South Korea (Internet Access)

You’ll definitely want to stay a while here. And, you definitely won’t be the only one.

The US boasts the second highest number of yearly visitors to the coastal nation each year.

That’s probably because there’s a ton to do. The Myeong-dong shopping area is one of the most famous shopping districts in Asia. The Joseon Dynasty Palace in Changdeokgung is awe inspiring, especially if you check out its surrounding gardens. And, the Lotte World adventure park is a great place to bring the kids (or the children at heart) for awesome theme park rides, marine life exhibits, and arcades everywhere.

South Korea is best known for its technology, though. The small nation is one of the fastest growing in the word in both economic power and technological advancement. South Koreans enjoy some of the fastest internet speeds in the world, and often get an inside look into some of the world’s newest tech before it hits global markets.

Any small business owner with a global eye will have a great time in Seoul. Even if you aren’t big into innovative and new-age tech (which you probably should be), the fast internet speeds will keep you seamlessly connected to your operations back home.

Sure, long distance phone calls will still suck, but get a Skype call going and everyone at home won’t believe you of all people were on time for the weekly meeting.

Auckland, New Zealand (Expansion)

Now this is what most people imagine when they think “vacation destination.”

New Zealand’s snowy, mountainous landscapes, lush forests, and white beaches draw a ton of visitors each year. 337,280 of which came from the US just last year according to Tourism New Zealand.

But let’s be honest, we’re all going for the tour of the Shire.


While you’re enjoying the views and living out your Middle Earth fantasies, you can still get some work done. In fact, you might end up expanding your operations.

New Zealand has been named the best country to start a business for 2 years running. Incorporating a business takes only 1 day, labor costs are low, and a highly educated and capable workforce make this island nation the perfect destination for many would-be business owners.

If you’re looking to set up shop abroad, network for new opportunities, or even look into a new overseas market, New Zealand is a great place to start.

I’ve highlighted Auckland specifically for a few reasons. Auckland’s government has invested a lot of funding and resources into their “Business Chamber.” It’s New Zealand’s largest business organization, providing such services as networking events, mentorship partnering, and training for those without much business knowledge.

The University of Auckland is also the largest post-secondary school in New Zealand, pumping out thousands of graduates each year looking high and low for the next job opening.

You’re there already, so why not look around for some potential expansion sites, or even some partnerships? You don’t have to move operations overseas, but even an ecommerce opportunity can turn your relaxing vacation into a lucrative one.

Just don’t let anyone catch you.