Google+ is NOT a Wasteland

Start finding your people…

There are a ton factors that make Google+ the unequalled powerhouse for growing your brand this year. With that said I always seem to get the same feedback from people who just aren’t into it, “no one is there” so today I’m breaking down 3 ways that you can build your brand all while finding your people over at Google+, because I promise they’re already there.

Invite your peeps…

The best way to get started connecting with new people is to invite your old people. Ok maybe don’t use the word old on the invite, but blast it out on networks you're already on that you’re kicking it up over at Google+. For some it will look like you’re ahead of the curve and be the push they need to join the network, for other it’ll be another awesome place they already are and can connect with you.

In the last few years some folks have gotten seriously fed up with Facebook and it’s every changing layout (like more than a few) so the idea that they can connect with some of their favorites (like you) somewhere else will be amazing.

Don’t forget your email list, add a little note in your next email inviting them to your new favorite network and you’ll be amazed by the people you can connect with. Some may be folks who aren’t currently connected with you on social media.

Have a Hangout

This is probably my favorite way to do a lot of things. You can do everything from a live version of a podcast, host a web show, or do a webinar. You can grow your community and demonstrate your expertise by hosting a Hangout on Air, by building it as an event from your page (which is how it’s set up) people can connect with when you RSVP, or you can connect with them. Turning those folks into new Google+ connections. Also the amazing value of getting to actually chat with them, or answer their questions using the amazing Q and A tool is not a bad benefit of a plan like this.

Tie this plan into the one above by inviting those folks on other networks to attend the Hangout, this will give them an extra incentive to connect with you over at Google+.

Join Communities

Google+ Communities are a lot like Facebook or LinkedIn groups, they can be a great way to network and connect with people who are already on Google+. The benefit of this one is super obvious because these folks are already active and ready to engage with you. Reach out and engage in group conversations and then connect with folks who are a great fit for you.

This also can be a super tie in with your Hangout because you can share your knowledge with new people. Now be aware before you start inviting and promoting your stuff of the community rules. Much like Facebook and Linkedin, those rules will vary by group and you want to make sure you’re on the up and up with them. I’d love to see you in the Hit the Mic community.

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