Small Business Ownership : Intro

Just because you’re a business owner doesn’t mean you know how to be a good boss. A little over two years ago, two friends and I set out to open a coffee shop. We’ve now been open for 18 months and we have 10 employees. The learning curve of running a business is tough. But I consider learning to be a good boss even tougher. We’re far from a well-oiled machine, but we’re learned some invaluable lessons.

Along with being an owner of Methodical Coffee, I have a full-time job as a Staff Product Designer at Etsy. More importantly, I have a wife and two daughters, six and four. So to say I’m busy is quite the understatement.

Though time with my business is limited, I’ve set out on a quest to build a business with ambitious goals. One of those goals is to become a place where people call coffee not just a job but a career and somewhere people can have a sense of place and purpose.

My plan is to share what I learn as I attempt to become a good boss as well as a good business owner.

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