3 Winning Moves for Turbulent Times

Don’t let uncertainty hold back development strategy


Just as it sounds, decomposition entails breaking down your overall strategy into its component parts, so that elements or positions under direct fire or requiring costly trade-offs to maintain become more visible and addressable. When you unbundle your strategy, opportunities to synthesize subordinate yet varying approaches in new and synergistic ways often appear.

Hidden Gem

“Hidden gem” is a well-known idiom connoting something which is exceptionally excellent, yet not everyone may know about it. Applied to strategy decisions, it means discovering the core element of your model that speaks to the heart of what you truly want to achieve — what you really care about. The task is to build a new approach around these small components, these ‘hidden gems.’ The essential question I ask in working with senior leaders is this: If you could only keep one thing about your current model, what would it be?”


“Double Down” takes a cue from Blackjack players who double down on a hot hand. Basically, leveraging your key competitive advantage and wielding it like a hammer to produce a new or secondary win.



Our goal is to help owners and marketers of small business amplify their message and make sound judgement. Topics include marketing, ecommerce, social media and policies.

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Matthew E. May

Senior GTM strategy advisor at Insight Partners. Co-author, What a Unicorn Knows: How Leading Entrepreneurs Use Lean Principles to Drive Sustainable Growth.