Time for a Tattoo?

You’ve always wanted a tattoo, but not sure whether you should get one? Well, why not? As a Seattle Tattooist, I can say that tats are for anyone and everyone. Many people may think that it’s just for the courageous ones or looking to self express themselves only! No, not at all. Getting a tattoo could be due to many reasons. So what does a tattoo say to you?

I realized that tattoos are an investment, and you make a “body investment.” The more prominent and more visible the tattoo, the more remarkable that investment is. For example, getting a small tattoo to celebrate a trip to Europe can be cute and memorable. But, getting a massive lion on your back to celebrate the same journey may be questionable. Of course, the meaning of each tattoo in particular, but choosing one for self-expression needs to be carefully considered, and one that will not later result in a poor decision.

Do you know that 36% of Americans between 18 and 29 have at least one tattoo? 72% of adults with tattoos have tattoos that are usually hidden by clothing. There are some 68 tattoo shops in the greater Seattle metro area; 273 statewide! But picking the one that fits your needs is what you should be aiming at.

The Process

Although tattooing is a very mainstream idea, we should be aware that it is, in fact, at its core, scientific proves. Getting a tattoo involves injecting dye and ink under your skin. It makes your pigment cells, which give you your skin color, and makes it, so the dye discolors your pigment cells and changes the color of the upper layer of pigment cells. For more information, check out:

Wikipedia as well as Science Explorer on Tattoos

You might be getting disheartened after getting a little insight into this, but, no need to worry. We have you covered.

Tattoo Safety

Safety is a big deal to many people, especially when it comes to getting a tattoo or piercing. You would not want just anyone working on your car, let alone working on your body! You can take precautions to see if the tattoo artist and shop you are going to are legit and ways to also prepare yourself for your tattoo.

Things to watch out for when at a shop:

  • Are clean like a Doctor’s office.
  • The artist should have an up-to-date license.
  • Make sure to understand and know the ink being used, the company, and most importantly, approve it.
  • All the needles being used should be new and one-use
  • Check if the shop has a separate area for administering tattoos
  • The shop should have machines to clean germs off of the tools used

How to prepare yourself:

  • Do NOT drink alcohol or take drugs (Tylenol, Advil, and other pills for pain included) beforehand, even if you are worried about pain.
  • Make sure you follow all the advice given after your tattoo, such as any warning for soaps not to use, medicine or ointments to apply, and take
  • Try not to do anything that could lead to infections because the tattoo is applied by injecting and working with blood.
  • Check with a dermatologist for any allergies you my experience with the chemicals in the dye being used.
  • Make sure to not even accidentally get a tattoo that may link you to any gang or group.
  • Although safety is a vital subject to consider especially when considering your own body, let’s also consider the types of tattoos that may affect the safety needed.

Tattoo Ideas

Paul Edward Studio is based in Seattle and serves surrounding areas with various tattoo designs. From very simple to ones that will blow your mind apart. I dream and live by creative tattoo ideas. My website comprises a compilation of various tattoo designs for multiple categories such as Amazing Tattoos, Girls/Women Tattoos, Men Tattoos, Tattoo Ideas, Unique Tattoos. These can all be used as reference when your exploring what you would like. You can even bring your tattoo art to me! I can tattoo anything and anywhere on your body, for example:

  • Portrait tattoo.
  • Coverup tattoo.
  • Fine line tattoo.
  • Back piece tattoo.
  • Sleeve.
  • Half sleeve.
  • Coverups.

Types of Tattoos

There are many types of tattoos to pick from. For example, a traditional tattoo, a Neo-traditional tattoo, a black and gray tattoo, or even a color tattoo. The list is endless!

The craze may be to get colored-permanent tattoos, but even then, you might not want to take the risk or get something permanent, especially if it’s something that could change later in your life. You do not have to obtain a permanent tattoo, and now in the 21st century, there are multiple ways to get a tattoo. You can get a decal-style, much like the sticker one kid receive. Another common type is an airbrush tattoo. These tattoos are also popular because of their cost compared to permanent tattoos. Although these do not last as long as decal-style tattoos, they do provide a very cheap alternative. A typical culturally-based style is Henna tattoos/art. These are plant-based, so they are much safer for you and your skin. The only downside is that the color tends to be green/brown.

While temporary tattoos are safer and much easier to come by compared to ink-based permanent tattoos, the only real risks with these types are allergic reactions to the mixture of additives for your henna or airbrush tattoos. These are much easier to be wary of, though, as long as you go through checking the safety at the shop, your dermatology, and how your skin will react based on the chemicals and mixtures being used.

Common Tattoo Questions

Does it hurt?

Everyone’s definition of “hurt” is different because everyone feels pain differently. Unfortunately, there is no actual gauge for pain that I can give you without being disingenuous. Some people say that it feels like a cat scratch and afterward like a sunburn. Different parts of your body will be more sensitive than others, especially bony parts or areas with thin skin.

How much does a tattoo cost?

Paul’s minimum is $100.00. A tattoo the size of a coin or a small, simple outline with no shading is usually considered a minimum shop tattoo. Tattoos that take a few hours or less are typically quoted outright. Larger tattoos (including multiple session pieces) are based on an hourly rate of $150. It’s relatively common for a custom tattoo to take 2 hours but may cost $500 if that’s the price it was quoted at. On the other hand, a four-hour tattoo done at our hourly rate would only cost $600.

To use an analogy: buying a dozen roses is cheaper than buying just one, and the artist’s drawing and prep time should be taken into consideration, as he does not charge for these things. If one thinks of tattoo needles as different styles of paintbrushes, two different tattoos may be the same size and take the same amount of time to complete. Still, one may require several different paintbrushes to get a specific effect. This requires more set up/prep time, and the paintbrushes (tattoo needles) are single-use, resulting in a slightly higher cost in materials. An $80.00 non-refundable deposit is required to hold your appointment ($100 for pieces that will take two hours or more), which will be applied to the cost of your tattoo.

I have more questions and answers at https://pauledwardstudio.com/tattoo-questions/

The takeaway from a Seattle Tattoo Artist

There are many reasons people want a tattoo and why they end up getting one, regardless of why you want one and where it depends on your preference. As a well-recognized Seattle Tattoo Artist, I always recommend that you do the research and pick the design that you will cherish for the rest of your life. If you have any questions, always reach out to a local tattooist. They will be more than delighted to help and guide you.




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