What are the different types of tattoos?

A Seattle Tattoo Artists Insight…

Tattoos have three main categories. You have tattoos for decoration, pictorial/images, and identification/branding. Each one holds a different meaning, but each one will hold its importance to you at the end of the day. So, choose carefully which type of tattoo you want. You only have so much skin! Decorative types of tattoos would be things that have no meaning behind them. Cosmetic tattoos that help define your lip shape or permeant eyeliner would be something for just aesthetics. Everyone would be able to see these tattoos when not covered up. Tattoos of a word you like would also fall in this category. Pictorial/image tattoos are precise, as the name implies. They are images of something you want or would like on your body.


Where do tattoos come from?

Tattoos have dated back to Egyptian times, which were dated 2000 B.C. Tattoos have been practiced by nearly every culture and ethnicity. The word tattoo comes from the word tatau, which in Tahitian means to mark or strike. This was the act of ancient tattoo artists. Our ancestors did not always use needles and ink for their tattoos. Instead, they used the tools they had around them. For example, some people would use a needle to pull carbon-embedded thread under their skin to create shapes and designs. More ancient methods would be using a knife to cut designs into the skin and rub the cuts with ink or ashes to stain the skin.

Catalog Tattoos

Many tattoo shops have designs that can be pre-selected from a book. These are standard designs that can be modified to the customer’s request. In addition, you can choose from the book if you are not sure what type of tattoo you want.


Not all tattoo shops are created equally. Each shops skill will vary from shop to shop. Some shops don’t have the best reputation, but there are some shops with high levels of skill. These shops can design your body that you are not happy with and change it to something you are pleased with.

Scar Cover-Ups

Scar cover-ups are precise, as they say. From chemical burns or medical reasons, they can take the ugly scars on your body and change them into something stunning. Speak to your doctor and make sure the area of the scar does not have any lasting damage.

Custom/Requested Designs

Custom and requested designs all depend on the skill of the tattooist. Almost all veteran tattoo artists have a skill that can adapt and change to the customer’s request.


There are also colors. These generally tend to cost more because the color in ink is harder to create and obtain than black ink. Colors work best with pictorial designs as large areas of the skin can bring out the color more.

Test Tattoos/Washables

Test tattoos/washable tattoos are like stickers. They are mainly ink that is stuck to the outside of your skin. The benefit of these types of tattoos is that they are not permanent. You can wear these types of tattoos for a short amount of time and see if you enjoy the design on your body or not.

Tattoo Removal

Tattoo removals are also available. At the same time, this treatment can be avoided entirely if you think about your decision carefully to prevent a new hassle.

Choosing the Right Tattoo

1. Ask yourself why you want a tattoo in the first place.

Are you doing it for the sake of someone else? Are you adhering to a pattern? Are you just exercising the right actually to have a tattoo without parental consent? Do you get a discount? Before you start, consider your reasoning.

2. Consider the tattoo’s impact at work or in other situations.

A tattoo isn’t worth risking your career for. Check to see if there are any tattoo restrictions in any other clubs you are a member of, such as athletics or volunteering.

3. Choose your design carefully.

Make sure the style has personal value for you and is a representation of who you are. The concept should be inspired by something you love, admire, or are emotionally attached to. It might be in memory of someone else. Ask yourself why these things are important to you. Examine existing tattoos and styles, but don’t limit yourself to what’s already available. Examine magazines, flyers, stationery, stickers, and everything else available, not just the tattoo studio walls.

4. Consider where you want it to go.

The location of your tattoo on your body is important. If you want it to be visible every day, or do you want it to be hidden most of the time? Consider the clothing you wear, the way you dress, your hair, and the things you engage in.

Paul Edward Seattle Tattoo Services

My main focus is my client and their art. I have spent decades perfecting my skills, and I have experience in all types of tattoo styles. As a single artist studio, my schedule is very flexible, and I can generally accommodate all of the scheduling needs of my clients. My centrally-located, private studio in Seattle is built with the client in mind. There’s never any loud, busy, or uncomfortable atmosphere like there is in a street shop. There is also parking for my secure building. I’m fully licensed by the state of Washington, and I adhere to strict cleanliness codes for the health and safety of my clients and myself. I also use some of the newest and advanced equipment for the best tattoo experience.




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