Why AED Devices Are Required in the Workplace

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Automated External Defibrillators portable medical devices that will analyze the heart’s rhythm to determine if it should send an electric shock through the chest wall the heart. This is a necessary treatment for someone in cardiac arrest. With AED devices, you can respond quickly to a medical emergency to help save someone’s life.


A defibrillator is piece of a workplace safety plan. Every minute that is delayed in administering defibrillation along with CPR to a person, their chances of recovery decrease 10% per minute. If immediate medical help is required, AED devices are life savers.

Often, you try to save the person with CPR alone, but lacking proper training in CPR can diminish a victim’s chance of recovery. You can use AED devices that provide a mechanical shock to a patient’s heart if necessary.

So, investing in AED devices is a wise decision help keep your workplace and employees safe during medical emergencies.

Different Types of AEDs

It is a research-based fact that communities and workplaces with proper CPR training and Public Access Defibrillators (PAD) cope with medical emergencies much better than others. The presence of AED at workplaces increases the chance of your survival.

Before selecting the AED device, ensure it is FDA-approved. Purchasing devices that are not professionally approved can pose some potential harm without even knowing. It is always safe to check the reliability of a device primarily used for medical purposes.

There are some FDA-approved AED Devices that help keep your workplace safe. Go through them with me:

Defibtech AED Devices

Their AED devices are designed using biphasic technology that is clinically proven to save lives. A Lifeline Defibrillator at a workplace acts like a guardian angel to deal with medical emergencies.

Defibech AED machines are approved by FDA to be in workplaces like schools, churches, offices, police departments, etc. You can see several Defibtech models. The best models that you can install in your work area are:

Defibtech: Lifeline AED


Defibtech: Lifeline VIEW/ECG/PRO AED


The Lifeline VIEW makes it easier for anyone — from first responders to untrained bystanders — to respond confidently and appropriately during an emergency. Remember to purchase these devices from legitimate sources, like EMC CPR & Safety Training, as they can recommend the best models for your workplace and provide you with the necessary guidelines.

Cardiac Science AED

Cardiac Science AED is a device that can deliver an electric shock to the heart of a person experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. This shock can restore a normal heart rhythm and save the person’s life. Cardiac Science AED is designed to be easy to use, reliable, and effective. It has features such as voice prompts, automatic self-tests, and real-time feedback that guide the user through the rescue process. Cardiac Science AED suits various settings such as workplaces, schools, public places, and homes. It is essential to have an AED nearby in case of a cardiac emergency, as very minute counts.



ZOLL AEDs are automated external defibrillators that can help save lives in cases of sudden cardiac arrest. ZOLL AEDs are designed to be easy to use, reliable, and durable. They also provide real-time feedback on CPR quality and shock delivery. ZOLL AEDs come in different models for settings and users, such as public access, professional rescuers, and medical facilities. ZOLL AEDs are trusted by thousands of customers worldwide for its innovative technology and high performance.


Pay close attention to the scammer sites and trust reliable suppliers for authentic AED systems.

The Bottom Line When It Comes To AED Devices

Sudden cardiac arrests or heart attacks are among the primary causes of death in the United States. It is best to have workplace protocols and install suitable AED devices for immediate medical help.



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