Small Filters
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Small Filters


“So how long has it been?”


“Since the last time. How long has it been?”

“Oh.” Michael scratched an itch that wasn’t there. “A few thousand years perhaps. Give or take.”

“They haven’t really changed much have they.”

“Well that’s definitely new.” He pointed at the flickering light in orbit almost four hundred thousand kilometres away.

“Yes, well…we should probably keep an eye on that.”

“Do you think anyone can see us here?”

“I mean…maybe. Unlikely. But it’s possible.”

“When was the last time you actually visited?”

“Sorry, was there a point to all of this? I need to get back.”

“Yes, sorry. Look we’ve been down this road before. You know that. But this time it’s serious.”

“How serious?”

“Serious enough for me to contact you. There’s movement in the dark. You must have noticed.”

“Of course I have. We all have. But it’s nothing new.”

“It is.”


“The experiment can no longer be contained. The breach will come any day now. And then…”

“So the expression goes…”

“Precisely. All hell”

They both nodded in silence. Shuffling uncomfortably in the fine grey powder underfoot. The bright blue jewel of the cosmos that hung above their heads would soon be cast in flame. Scorched and irradiated. Cut apart and left desolate. The centre of a conflict that had been brewing for millions of years.

“We set the bar too high” Gabriel sighed into the vacuum.

“You sound empathetic”

“I’m just saying, they outnumber us now, a million to one…though…wouldn’t you be angry?”

“It doesn’t matter. They chose oblivion”

“And we chose to build this perverse test. We chose to cast out those who failed into the dead and dark worlds of the galaxy. We chose to limit, rather than expand the empire of heaven”

“I said, it doesn’t matter now. They’re coming. It’ll start here. They’ll claim as many as they can and then come for us”

“So what do we do?”

“Abort the experiment. Purge the testing ground. Stop the problem from becoming any worse”

“What? That will be the end! Of everything!”

“Indeed. The good. The evil. And the multitude in between. It no longer matters. The light has already been dispatched. It will cleanse worlds and then galaxies”

“And then what?”

“And then my old friend, if we survive, we start again”



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