10 Newsletters And Vlog’s That All Creatives Should Subscribe To.

We recently released a short film showing the effort that goes in to finding the gold that we put in our ‘Scrapbook Chronicles’ newsletter. It’s not easy. But something worthwhile rarely is.

We dig through 100+ pieces of content to find the 12–15 pieces that we want to share with our subscribers. Within these pieces of content we try to balance it so it covers a widespread of our interests in the hope that it is interesting to our subscribers. Touch wood, it seems be working well.

So we got to thinking what other Newsletters and Vlog’s out there that we look to for inspiration?

So today the team got together to find 10 newsletters and vlog’s that we love and every creative should sign up to. So here they are. Described in three words or less.

1. Seth Godin — Challenging. Visionary. Practical.

2. It’s Nice That — Creativity. Ideas. Design.

3. 99U — Execute. Ideas. Quickly.

4. Austin Kleon — Creative. Variety. Humour.

5. Brain Pickings — Insightful. Inspiring. Consistant.

6. James Victore — Kick. Ass. Ideas.

7. Product Hunt — New. New. New.

8. Collaborative Fund — Build. It. Beautifully.

9. NextDraft — Funny. Provoking. Poignant.

10. Casey Neistat — Crazy. Films. Daily.

Make sure to sign up to each of these newsletters. You won’t regret it.

Hiut Denim Co.

P.S. Did we miss any? Leave your suggestions in the comments below for other newsletters that we should sign up to.

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