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Jan 1, 2018 · 36 min read

Each year we compile a list of the one hundred+ people that got us to utter those words ‘I wish I had done that, made that, invented that, thought like that, changed that’. These are the people who have shone the brightest for us in 2017.

Maverick Of The Year

Satoshi Nakamoto



Who is Satoshi Nakamoto? No one quite knows. But itis the name used by the unknown person or people who designed bitcoin and devised the first blockchain database. When they wrote the code, they changed the future of money.

They wrote some of the smartest code ever written, 100,000 lines of code that will change every aspect of money. How we raise it. How we think of it as a store of value. How a borderless currency will work.

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Maker Of The Year

Vitalik Buterin


Ethereum/Bitcoin Magazine

It used to be that currency was defined by geography. Now it is defined by what problem it is trying to solve. Bitcoin was first. But Ethereum came along and allowed you to attach a smart contract to the blockchain.

Vitalik Buterin, a Russian-Canadian programmer, has been instrumental in building it. The genius artists of yesterday painted, built bridges. Today they write code. The most brilliant code ever written. Until tomorrow.

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Whitney Wolfe Herd



Whitney took her learning from Tinder and made something women are more comfortable with. Bumble has changed the way people date, find friends, and the perception of meeting online, for the better. Because, women make the first move.

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Boyan Slat


The Ocean Cleanup

Boyan Slat is a Dutch inventor and entrepreneur who creates technologies to solve societal problems. He is the founder and CEO of The Ocean Cleanup, a group that develops advanced systems to rid world’s oceans of plastic. Timely.

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Cody Friesen


Zero Mass Water

This is water made by the sun. A unit can pull moisture from the air with one solar panel that can produce two to five litres of liquid a day which is then stored in a 30-litre reservoir that adds calcium and magnesium for health and taste.

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Nadine Haram



An augmented reality technology that helps surgeons get remote assistance and training from anywhere in the world. It brings cutting-edge, collaborative, visualisation tools to the healthcare community.

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John Collison/Patrick Collison



The Irish brothers are proof that smart ideas travel. Stripe is now a US-based technology company operating in over 25 countries that allows both private individuals and businesses to accept payments over the Internet.

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Lauryn Morris

Design Lead


You may not use Snapchat, but all our kids will. Lauryn, with a degree in industrial design, is the brain behind Spectacles, Snap’s camera-equipped sunglasses that capture video to be shared on its social media app Snapchat.

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Justin Kao



What’s up doc? Healthcare is changing. And it’s you that will be driving it. Enabled by an ecosystem of apps brought together by Helix that allows you to explore everything from your ancestry to nutrition to some health tests.

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Kendra Kuhl/Nicholas Flanders/Etosha Cave


Opus 12

Three scientists are turning waste CO2 into useful products. They’ve created a small reactor that can recycle carbon dioxide into other carbon-based compounds that could be used to replace petroleum-based plastics or converted to gasoline.

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Anwar Al-Haddad


PV Solar

With no coding experience, Anwar built an app (PV Solar) that’s bringing solar power to Yemen. As people started to turn to solar power, the app helped people learn how to install solar that was a more dependable source of power.


Demis Hassabis


DeepMind (AI)

He is on a scientific mission to push the boundaries of AI to make a positive impact. Imagine developing programs to solve complex problems without the need to be taught how. This could prove to be a multiplier of human ingenuity.

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Mike Suss



The only thing you can buy here is ice. There are no vendors, no advertising or branding. It’s not a barter economy. It’s a decommodified zone with a gift economy that’s about giving without expecting anything in return.

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Bjarke Ingels


Bjarke Ingels Group

Bjarke Ingels is a pioneering Danish architect that believes ‘architecture is at its best when it is pure fiction,’ He continued to push the boundaries. In 2017 his company designed the Lego House. And yeah, made from Lego bricks, what else?

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Daniel Caven/Chris Hurst/Miguel Alvarez/Brent Watanab


Urban Architecture Studio

They entered a competition. They won it. And along the way, they created the world’s first freeform 3D printed house. This 800-square-foot single-family home will be built in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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Diebedo Francis Kere


Kere Architecture

Diebedo designer of 2017 Serpentine pavillion has emerged as a standard bearer for African architecture. His work in the continent, predominantly Burkina Faso is a smart blend of traditional and vernacular construction techniques.

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Danielle Quigley/Sue Fan


Wild Habit

If you have an event and want to add those final magical touches, you know who to call. Wild Habit has created a global business by understanding the importance of ‘wonder moments’ and how to go about creating them.

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Joao Cepeda

President/Creative Director

Time Out Market

Lisbon is happening. One reason is The Time Out Market Lisbon that opened in 2014. In 2016 it received 3.1 million visitors and has since become the number one tourist attraction in a city with 800 years of history. Impressive.

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Katie Dill

Director of Experience Design


How do you control the experience to the customer, when you don’t employ the people who control the experience, you don’t even own any of the accommodation? And yet, Airbnb owns the experience. Kudos to them.

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Yasushi Horibe



Is it a premium hotel? Is it a luxury cruise ship? Or is it a brand new category altogether? Designed by pioneering architect Yasushi Horibe. Time may fly. But luxury is taking an alternative route.


Daan Roosegaarde


Studio Roosegaarde

Studio Roosegaarde is the social design lab of Dutch artist and innovator Daan Roosegaarde. The studio connects people, technology and space to improve daily life in urban environments and spark the imagination.

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Fujiko Nakaya


Fog Sculptor

Fujiko Nakaya is the world’s leading fog sculptor. At 83, the Japanese artist has been making artworks out of thin air for almost half a century, and in 2017, she unveiled her first London fog work, on the terrace of Tate Modern.



Nina Tandon



Epibone is the world’s first company growing living human bones for skeletal reconstruction. Their technology aims towards constructing and cultivating a superior bone graft that will provide exact defect repair. She’s a biotech pioneer.

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Ustwo are true pioneers. Believers in ideas and the people who have them. As well as launching Monument Valley 2 in 2017, they started Sway. An interactive meditation app that draws on the ancient Tai Chi and mindfulness practice.

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Jessamyn Stanley

Yoga Teacher/Writer

Jessamyn Stanley is an inspiring yoga teacher, body positivity advocate, and writer based in Durham, North Carolina. Jessamyn uses high energy vinyasa flow as a way to move past mental and emotional barriers.

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Bill Burnett/Dave Evans


Designing Your Life

Standford’s most popular class isn’t computer science, but rather one that seeks to get you to design your life. Their class shows you how design thinking can help you to create a life that is both meaningful and fulfilling.

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Alex Ikonn


5 Minute Journal

Writing stuff down helps clear your head of stuff. Journaling is a daily practice proven to improve your mental health. The Five Minute Journal has sold over 300,000 copies worldwide and is making thousands of people happier every day.

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Michelle Poler


100 Days Without Fear Project

From the time she was a little girl, Michelle Poler was afraid of the world. Then after moving to New York City, she realised that she needed to do something about it. And, so, the 100 days without fear project was born.

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Dave Asprey


Bullet Proof Coffee

Dave Asprey was a successful Silicon Valley entrepreneur when his health started to take a hit. He was obese. Chronically tired. Suffered from brain fog. So he spent two decades and over $1 Million to hack his own biology.

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Alex Mazerolle


Girlvana Yoga

Alex, aka Ally Maz, is Vancouver, Canada based entrepreneur, writer and yoga teacher. She is the founder of Girlvana Yoga, Ladyvana Retreats and the co-owner of Distrikt Movement in North Vancouver. Her first book comes out in 2018.

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Kevin Holesh


Moment App

You won’t like the results this app will give you. You may even end up deleting it. But it will tell you the truth. It will tell you how long you have been on your phone each day. It will reveal this awful truth: How addicted you are to your phone?

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B J Fogg


Tiny Habits

Changing habits is hard. But BJ’s work is doing more than almost anyone to make it easier to make change happen. His Tiny Habits program has created a system that works because it doesn’t rely on motivation and willpower.

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Massimo Bottura


Food for Soul

Ok, so you’re Italy’s most renowned chef. And you have won world’s best chef. For most that would be enough. But Massimo founded the Food for Soul project to establish refectory-style dining halls all over the world to feed those most in need.

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Ben Branson



Seedlip is the world’s first distilled non-alcoholic spirit. Ben started in his kitchen in the woods, wth a copper still and copy of The Art of Distillation to continue his family’s 300 year farming ancestry and change the way the world drinks.

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Anna Jones


The Modern Cook’s Year

This is vegetarian food 2.0. Contemporary. Modern. And, of course, completely yummy. Anna is changing the face of healthier eating. How long before she gets a call from Netflix for her own TV show? Only a matter of time.

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Brittany Cole Bush


A shepherdess who works in the San Fran Bay Area, doing the good work on land as a new pastoralist. She is passionate about a new paradigm of land stewardship and restoring grasslands to help manage fire hazardous vegetation.

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Daina Trout


Health-Ade Kombucha

It was started in 2012 by a husband, wife, and best friend in a true farmers’ market start-up story: a small credit card and a big dream to make real food and bring only that to the commercial shelf. Kombucha never tasted so good.

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Dan Giusti

Founder/Head Chef


Where do you go after you leave Noma? For Dan, he’s taken on this daunting task: redesign the public school lunch. His startup aims to put professional chefs in public school cafeterias in order to improve their lunches.

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Charles Baron


Farmers Business Network

His company is taking the guesswork out of farming. It allows farmers to share and review aggregate pricing data on “inputs,” meaning the costly seeds, fertilisers and other chemicals added to the soil to generate a healthy crop.

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Andrew Rea

Chef/Filmaker/YouTube Personality

Binging with Babish

Andrew Rea is one part chef, one part filmmaker, and a generous dash of irreverent YouTube personality. Self-taught both behind and in front of the camera, his cooking show, Binging with Babish, is enjoyed by millions.

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Ljubomir Stanisic


100 Maneiras

Voted Monocles No. 1 restaurant in the World. Ljubomir is head chef and creator of the concept. The name intends to provoke, stimulate the senses and the imagination. Because 100 Maneiras refers to ‘the absence of rules.’

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Claus Meyer

Co-founder/Author/Food Activist


It was Meyer’s idea that a restaurant might be inspired, rather than restricted by the limited produce in Nordic countries. He recruited the maverick Rene Redzepi. What they created together changed how Denmark is now viewed globally.

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Platforms of Influence

Fidji Simo

Vice President of Product


Facebook Live launched this year. And it quickly became one of their biggest hits ever. Unlocking the emotion of live video by allowing you to interact with the audience. And ask questions to 1.9 billion people.

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Linda Sarsour/Tamika Mallory/Carmen Perez/Bob Bland/Janaye Ingram/Breanne Butler/Mrinalini Chakraborty/Emma Collum/Mariam Ehrari, Cassady Fendlay, Alyssa Klein, Sophie Ellman-Golan, Jackson Hyland-Lipski.

Board/National Team

Women’s March

An estimated 3.3 million women marched in 500 different locations in the USA. One out of every 100 Americans participated. The march took place on seven continents. And not a single arrest.

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Harry Hitchens

Documentary Film Maker/Founder

Everyday Studio

Harry is a multi award-winning documentary director. He founded a studio called Everyday to make films that matter. In 2017 they raised enough money via Kickstarter for Breakthrough: A documentary for the creatively curious.

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Michael Karnjanaprakorn/Malcolm Ong



Skillshare is an online learning community for creators. It aims to close the professional skills gap and provide universal access to high-quality learning. It teaches you the skills needed in tomorrow’s world, to help you pursue your love.

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Brandon Li


He’s a Nomadic film-maker on an endless world tour. You can see most of his work on Vimeo, usually on their staff picks. He has taken travel films to the next level. Where will his travels take him in 2018?

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Jessica Brillhart


She has quickly become a leader in the emerging field of cinematic VR content. Since leaving Google in 2017, she has been a journey of radical experimentation, with creators and developing technologies from all over the world.

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Max Haot



Intimacy doesn’t scale. But now for small events all over the world, the future is to stay small. And go huge via livestreaming. So the economics changes for the event. But for the attendees, it is as small and intimate as it always has been.

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Tarana Burke



In 1997, Tarana Burke sat across from a 13-year-old girl who had been sexually abused. The young girl was explaining her experience, and it left Ms. Burke speechless. That moment is where the Me Too campaign was born.

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Jack Conte



With Patreon, Conte has created a way for artists on the internet to get paid by their fans. Could payment platforms like this change what it means to be an artist in the digital age? It already is.

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Ryan Schreiber



Pitchfork is one of the world’s most popular independent music blogs, updated every day with reviews, features, videos and events. Pitchfork is the place to go to find out the latest happenings from across the world of indie music.

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Matthew Pike


Bucket & Spades Blog

Founded in 2008 as a way to store images, Matthew Pike, author of Buckets and Spades never imagined that blogging would become a full-time job. Some eight years later Buckets and Spades is one of UK’s top-ranking men’s fashion bloggers.

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Purpose Driven

Audra Renyi

Executive Director

World Wide Hearing

World Wide Hearing is a non-profit organisation that provides access to affordable hearing aids to children and youth in developing countries. They connect people to the world through better hearing.

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Wendell Lim


Cell Design Labs

Wendell Lim is taking the innovative treatment of programming tiny ‘cell bots’ to fight cancer called Immunotherapy — in which the body’s immune system is stimulated to attack tumour cells, to another level. He starts trials in 2018.

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Ty Stiklorius


Friends At Work

Friends At Work is creating a 21st century entertainment, innovation and social impact company. The firm associates with leading talent and supports programs for positive change and so use their fame to make a difference.

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Keller Rinaudo



Zipline delivers around 30% of the national blood supply of Rwanda outside of Kigali using autonomous aircraft. Their goal is to put each human on the planet within a 30 minute delivery of any essential medical, no matter where they live.

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Nighat Dad


Digital Rights Foundation

A single mother, Nighat created the foundation to raise awareness and educate her countrymen about their rights in online space. She envisions a place where all people can exercise their right of expression without being threatened.

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Ryan Devlin/Todd Grinnell/Ravi Patel


This Bar Saves Lives

“Buy a bar. Feed a child. We eat together.” The brand and its founders are uncompromising with its quality of ingredients and philanthropic impact. All bars are dairy free, gluten free, fair trade, Non-GMO.

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Lisa Dyson



She thinks a new class of crops might help us reinvent agriculture — and feed the world. With their Carbon Recyclers, CO2 can be treated as a resource and recycled into raw materials used to make the goods that we consume every day.

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Romy Fraser


Neal’s Yard Remedies/Trill Farm

In 1981, long before the world got hooked on green juices and chia seeds, Romy Fraser opened a small natural health and beauty shop in London’s Covent Garden. And Neal’s Yard Remedies was born. She saw it decades before everyone.

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Joshua Browder



Chatbot overturned more than 160,000 parking fines and helped vulnerable people apply for emergency housing is now turning the bot to helping refugees claim asylum. The DoNotPay describes itself as “the world’s first robot lawyer”.

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Yvon Chouinard/Melinda Chouinard



Patagonia continues to use their business to defend the environment. In a tweet, they said: “This is the largest elimination of protected land in American history.Take action.” The picture above is what their homepage had to say.

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Omar Yaghi


University of California, Berkeley.

There are an estimated 13 trillion litres of water floating in the atmosphere at any one time, equivalent to 10% of all of the freshwater in our planet’s lakes and rivers. His solar-powered device can pull water straight from the desert air.



Cindy Holland

Vice President


We love the BBC. But Netflix is showing everyone what you can do with a big budget and a belief in talent. It is creating more original programming than almost anyone on the planet. And Cindy is in charge of what gets made.

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Arundhati Roy


She is best known for her novel The God of Small Things, which won the Man Booker Prize for Fiction in 1997. It took another 20 years before she wrote her second book: The Ministry Of Utmost Happiness.

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Shantell Martin


A visual artist who draws on everything. She’s done live-drawing in venues from music halls to MIT. She sees her work as a vehicle to forge new connections between education, design, philosophy and technology.

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Sian Davey


Not every photographer has spent 15 years running a Psychotherapy practice. Not every photographer can ask the questions she seeks to ask. Her work has won award after award because it asks more questions than others.

Instagram + Website

Wilfred Wood


London-based sculptor Wilfrid Wood trained in graphics at Central St Martins before a friend got him a job building latex heads for satirical TV programme Spitting Image. He got in with the wrong crowd early on. And never left.

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Chris Milk


Here Be Dragons

A virtual reality production company. He uses cutting-edge technology to produce astonishing films. Also Founder of Within, a VR technology company. Working at the frontiers, Chris stretches virtual reality into a new canvas for storytelling.

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Es Devlin

Set Designer

One of Britain’s most astonishingly prolific designers. Awarded the 2017 London Design Medal. Devlin is known for creating designs for amongst others Kanye and Beyonce. She designed the 2012 Summer Olympics closing ceremony.

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Steve Powers


Artist/Author/Graphic Designer

He has recreated an era when storefront large-scale signs were works of art. They don’t advertise anything but itself. He has been a central figure in turning graffiti into street art. He first became world-renowned under the name of ESPO.

Instagram + Website

Christoph Niemann

Illustrator/Visual storyteller/Author

He sees the world differently. And he then he draws it as he sees it. His abstract viewpoint has led many to consider him one of the most innovative artists working today. Watch his profile on Netflix’s Abstract: The art of design.

Instagram + Website

Jon Burgerman


Jon Burgerman is a UK born, NYC based artist instigating improvisation and play through drawing and spectacle. He is a purveyor of doodles and is often credited and referenced as the leading figure in the popular ‘Doodle’ art style.

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George Muncey

Film photographer/Curator/You Tuber

DIY film photography guru taking Youtube by storm. Also the film photographer behind the hugely successful Negative Feedback channel, where he teaches how to shoot analogue in the digital age.

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Paula Scher

Graphic Designer/Partner


For four decades Paula Scher has been at the forefront of graphic design. Described as the “master conjurer of the instantly familiar,” Scher straddles the line between pop culture and fine art in her work.

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Richard Mosse

Irish Conceptual Documentary Photographer.

Richard has gained significant attention for his photographs of the war in the Eastern Congo using colour infrared film intended to create a new perspective on the conflict. It also got made into a film.

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Rob Ryan


His award-winning work often consists of whimsical figures paired with sentimental, grave, honest and occasionally humorous pieces of writing which he admits are autobiographical. He lives and works in London, UK.

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Dominic Wilcox


British artist, designer and inventor has become known internationally for its playful yet understated style. His ‘Little Inventors’ programme became a global success. Instead of putting children’s drawings on the fridge, why not make them.

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Stik started painting unofficially, socially conscious murals in his hometown of Hackney, East London in 2001. His simple stick figures wordlessly tell the story of his community, and he frequently collaborates with hospitals, charities etc.

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Words that matter

James Altucher


James Altucher is hands down one of the most honest and intelligent writers, bloggers, podcasters out there. And if you have an interest in cryptocurrency then this is your man. He understands code so that he can spot the next Bitcoin.

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Angela Duckworth



In this instant New York Times bestseller, pioneering psychologist Angela Duckworth shows anyone striving to succeed — that the secret to outstanding achievement is not talent but a blend of passion & persistence called “grit.”

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Sheryl Sandberg/Adam Grant


Option B

After the sudden death of her husband, Sheryl Sandberg felt certain that she and her children would never feel pure joy again. Her friend, Adam Grant, told her that resilience is a muscle that everyone can build. Hence the book.

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Kamal Ravikant


Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

Kamal had reached rock bottom. But then one day, he couldn’t take it anymore and crawled to his journal, where he made a sacred vow with himself. That vow would transform his life, and became the ethos of his runaway success of a book.

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Robert Moor


On Trails

In 2009, while thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, he began to wonder about the paths that lie beneath our feet: How do they form? Why do some improve over time? That then took him the next seven years to convert into his first book.

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Chan Kim/Renee Mauborgne


Blue Ocean Shift

Their long-awaited follow up to Blue Ocean Strategy came out in 2017. The Professors of Strategy at INSEAD, one of the world’s top business schools, this time they showed you how to move beyond just competing and value innovation.

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Andrew Tuck

Monocle Editor

Steve Jobs had Jonathan Ive. Tyler Brule has Andrew Tuck. Every genius in the limelight needs their genius in the background. Monocle is consistently the best men’s magazine. Andrew makes the day to day happen. Every day.

Radio + Website

Jake Phelps



As editor of the “skate bible” Thrasher Magazine, Phelps has been credited with developing the publication’s voice, which is punk, anti-establishment and inspired by years of living outside the law in a drug-filled, pre-tech San Fran.

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Susan Cain



Creativity needs introverts to sit quietly and work stuff out. Around a third to half of all people are introverts. Solitude matters to ideas. Susan Cain book got us to understand that the person talking the most isn’t thinking the most.

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Naval Ravikant


AngelList/MetaStable Capital/Coin List

Naval Ravikant is the CEO and a co-founder of AngelList. He is an active Angel investor, but in 2017 turned his attention to how the cryptocurrency world will change how startups will get funded in the future.

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Chip Heath/Dan Heath


When they bring a book out, you know it’s going to be super well written, incredibly well researched and most of all, insightful. The power of Moments books was just that and will get most businesses to re-think their business.

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Like a breath of fresh air. That big laugh. That quick wit. Blessed with a big brain and even bigger lungs. An English grime and hip hop artist that broke this year. Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo, Jr is the real thing.

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Cecile McLorin Salvant

Singer/Songwriter/Jazz Vocalist

Think Chet Baker. The twenty-seven-year-old singer named Cécile McLorin Salvant has a laid-back voice that would grace any late night jazz club. She was a previous winner of the Thelonious Monk International Jazz Competition.

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Acoustic singers

Hailing from the Northern, Southern and Western parts of Norway, the now Liverpool-based trio I SEE RIVERS creates an organic musical landscape they’ve dubbed ”Float Folk”. They played at Do Lectures in 2017 and won our hearts.

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Chance The Rapper

Rapper/Songwriter/Philanthropist/Record producer

He’s more spirit-lifting than Jay Z, more congenial than Drake, and more “of the people” than Kanye. And with no label backing him, he’s leading hip-hop to a new place, a new era, a whole new sound.

Instagram + Website

Rory Charles Graham


Rag’n Bone Man

After his first hit single, “Human”, his debut album was released in February 2017 to similar success. He’s one of the hardest-working men in music and his relentless effort finally started to pay off big time.

Instagram + Website

James Morton


He has backed some of the biggest names, from Prince to James Brown, but now he is is backing himself. For the last two years he has played headline act at The Do Lectures, and he has blown everyone away.

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Blaze of Feather


A Blaze of Feather is the new project from artist Mickey Smith and co: artists who were out on the road touring with Ben Howard (who is one of the six). Their debut album was released in 2017 and is going strong.

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Luke Sital-Singh


When you are watching your favourite Netflix series, and you hear Luke crooning in the background, you know he is cutting through. A talent on the rise. New album in 2017: Time Is A Riddle.

Instagram + Website

Sam Lee


Mercury Prize-nominated folk singer, song collector, award-winning promoter, broadcaster, animateur and naturalist. Sam is regarded by many as Britain’s most inventive folk singer.

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Tom Rosenthal


Tom Rosenthal’s 4th album, Fenn was released in May 2017. He racked up Spotify streams of around 55m, 22m YouTube views, and is constantly courted by major labels keen to release his gently epic ballads.

Instagram + Website



The south London singer-songwriter who for a long time was better known as a guest vocalist on other people’s songs (Beyonce, Drake, Solange & Kanye West) won 2017 Mercury prize. It was time to hide himself in the spotlight.

Instagram+ Website


Misty Copeland

Ballet Dancer

When Misty discovered ballet, she was living in a shabby motel room, struggling with her five siblings for a place to sleep on the floor. She made history as the first African American Female Principal Dancer with the American Ballet Theatre.

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Serena Williams

Tennis Pro

This year, she began winning something more than titles. She won hearts. Her open letter read in Porter magazine began with the words: ‘To all incredible women who strive for excellence.’ 15-Love.

Twitter + Instagram

Julien Millot


The Flying Frenchies came to everyone’s attention with the film ‘The Flight of the Frenchies’. If you don’t like heights, you should avoid it. They lived free for a couple of years. No mortgage. No babies. No need to earn money.

Instagram +Website

Mehrdad Mehrain


7 Minute Workout Challenge App- (MWC)

This app has been downloaded over a million times. It is Apple’s top ten apps for the year. It is designed for people who are time poor but want to work out. It takes just 7 minutes of HIT. But is designed to equate to 1 hour of exercise.


Ashima Shiraishi

Rock Climber

She started climbing at age six at Rat Rock in Central Park with her father. In a few years, she became one of the top boulderers and sports climbers in the world. And she is still only 16. Inspiring.

Instagram + Facebook

Gary Cantrell AKA Lazarus Lake


Barkley Marathon

The Barkley is considered one of the toughest 100-mile races in the world. It has 67,000 feet of climb (and 67,000 feet of descent). Since the race began in 1986, only 15 runners out of about 1000 have finished within the 60-hour cutoff.

Twitter + Website

Paul Sinton-Hewitt CBE



From 13 amateur runners and one park to a community of over 4,000,000 people and 1,300 parks worldwide, all in the space of 13 years. Paul has built a global movement that gathers to run, jog, walk and volunteer in their local park every weekend.

Instagram + Website

Laura F. Jacobs



NormaTec is the leader in rapid recovery systems. They give a competitive edge to the world’s elite athletes, coaches, and trainers. They are used in most NBA basketball teams. And by Nike long distance runners.

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Dr. Easkey Britton


An Irish surfer who wants to use surfing as a platform to make a change. She has a doctorate in Environment and Society. Co-founder of the non-profit Waves of Freedom which uses the power of surfing as a creative medium for social change.

Twitter + Website

Tyler Haney


Outdoor Voices

Outdoor Voices believes in freeing fitness from performance and embrace activity with ease, humour, and delight. It was founded on the tenet that Doing Things — moving your body and having fun with friends — outlasts a win.

Instagram + Website


Carl Hansen

Furniture maker

Founded in 1908, Carl Hansen & Søn has developed into one of Denmark’s leading design companies today. They are one of the oldest manufacturers of high-quality furniture in Denmark. In quality and beauty, they trust.

Instagram + Website

Tom Blomfield



A bank built for a digital world. Built for your smartphone. One that updates your balance instantly, sends intelligent notifications, and is actually easy to use. Correspondingly, it is a bank with a waiting list to join. Who knew?

Twitter + Website

Tom Broughton


Cubbits Eyewear

It all began on Cubbit street, Kings Cross, London. Cubbits wanted to go a small way to reviving London’s spectacles heritage while taking a progressive approach to technology, design and the customer experience.

Instagram + Website

Eric Landon


Tortus Copenhagen

Eric is a Danish-American ceramics artist and designer. He is a co-founder of the Tortus Copenhagen ceramics studio in Copenhagen. His love for wheel thrown pottery started already at age 16 and has evolved into a way of life.

Instagram + Website

Peter Bellerby


Bellerby & Co Globemakers

They are makers of handmade and custom globes based in London. They use Formula 1 fabricators to make their moulds. Each globe is individually handpainted making every one unique as well as reflecting current borders.

Instagram + Website

Bec Brittain


Bec Brittain

Bec Brittain is a New York based lighting and product designer driven by a love of luxurious materials, intuitive forms and forward-thinking technology. Her signature product is the critically acclaimed SHY Light that continues to shine.

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Fred Jourden/Hugo Jezegabel


Blitz Motorcycles

Blitz Motorcycles is a Paris-based custom garage founded by Fred Jourden and Hugo Jezegabel in 2010. Together, they conceive, customise and hand finish motorcycles to create unique, one-of-a-kind machines.

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Neil Currie/Sue Currie


Netherton Foundry

Netherton Foundry is a family run foundry on a mission to build products with provenance. They design and build quality products made from materials sourced in Shropshire. Currently, 75% of their products value achieve this objective.

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Sebastian Cox


His design studio and workshop is renowned for developing handmade timber furniture which brings coppiced timber into contemporary design. They use traditional techniques to create timeless furniture for the modern home.

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Dom Bridges


Haekels Skin Care/Frangrances

From their clifftop Lab in Margate, they distil locally grown botanicals to create a bespoke fragrance based on locations. They hold one of only two licenses in England to harvest seaweed from the English coast.

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Ali Goodman


Francli Craftwear

From her farm workshop, just outside Falmouth, she designs, cuts and makes outerwear, aprons, rucksacks and small carry goods, developed in close collaboration with her local community of creative and outdoors people.

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Nick Hand

Founder/Graphic Designer/Printer

Letterpress Collective

If you know our YearBook, you will know Nick’s work as a designer. But he is also a reluctant businessman. His quest is to save the art of letterpress printing with workshops teaching both type composition and printing skills.

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Simon Matthews

Design Director

Naim Audio

They combined their skills of making the best audio equipment with a vision to embrace music streaming when others sat on the fence. And now they are way out in front. Not just in how they sound. But in how they look. Boom.

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Roman Mars


99% Invisible

99% Invisible is about all the thought that goes into the things we don’t think about — the unnoticed architecture and design that shape our world. With over 150 million downloads, 99% Invisible is one of iTunes most popular.

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Reid Hoffman


Masters of Scale

LinkedIn Co-Founder and Greylock Partner Reid Hoffman showing how companies grow from zero to a gazillion. The series unfolds like a music-infused detective story as Hoffman tests his theories with famous founders.

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Jocelyn K Glei


Hurrly Slowly

Hurry Slowly shows how you can be more productive, creative, and resilient through the simple act of slowing down. Interviews with deep thinkers, artists, and entrepreneurs helps sparks new ideas for navigating work and life.


Stephen J. Dubner



Who knew? Discover the hidden side of everything. Host Stephen J. Dubner has surprising conversations that explore the riddles of everyday life. There is always another way of seeing what you think you know.

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Noah Kagan


Sumo/Noah Kagen Presents

He started Sumo. His podcast is a series of irreverent interviews with entrepreneurs to share the world’s best strategies to start and grow your business, improve your productivity, and live a happier and more successful life.

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Wendy Zukerman


Science Vs.

What is the truth? What is opinion? And what lies somewhere in between. Wendy Zukerman has made it her personal mission to uncover the truths behind these everyday questions using the power of science. Now under Gimlet’s umbrella.

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Adam Buxton


The Adam Buxton Podcast

Comedian, actor and director Adam Buxton won the award for British Podcast Champion 2017. He forms one half of the duo Adam and Joe, with filmmaker Joe Cornish. He co-hosts Bug which looks at music videos through the comedic lens.

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Earlonne Woods/Nigel Poor /Antwan Williams

Co-Creators /Co-Producers/Co-Hosts

Ear Hustle Podcast

Bringing you real stories of life in San Quentin prison. Recorded in prison, by prisoners. This is a partnership between Earlonne Woods and Antwan Williams, currently incarcerated at San Quentin Prison, and Nigel Poor, a Bay Area artist.

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Indre Viskontas/Kishore Hari


Inquiring Minds

They go where science, politics, and society collide. Because they are committed to the idea that making an effort to understand the world around you though science and critical thinking can benefit everyone — and lead to better decisions.

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Tavi Gevinson


Rookie Podcast

Tavi Gevinson’s podcast interviews people she admires: artists, writers, musicians, filmmakers, activists. She discusses the human experience through the teenage lens. So we can ‘not know’ much better than we ever knew.

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Laura Shin

Writer/Podcaster/Senior Editor


Laura Shin’s podcast covers how the blockchain is about to transform every trust-based interaction of our lives, from financial services to identity, from health care to our Internet of Things devices. She talks to the industry pioneers.

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Brave New Wales

Andy Ainscough


Surf Snowdonia

It takes a giant leap of imagination to turn a scruffy old aluminium factory into a surfer’s paradise, but that’s just what Surf Snowdonia have done. They’ve created a dream wave on a man-made lagoon in the middle of beautiful North Wales.

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Angelo Somers


To hand your headmaster a 22-page report on why you should be homeschooled tells you something about this 15-year-old. In 2018 he is launching his first company using blockchain to change an industry. As you do at 15.

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Annie Atkins

Graphic Designer

Annie is a graphic designer that specialises in graphics for filmmaking. You will have seen her work in Wes Anderson’s fictional State of Zubrowka; or shopfront signs and fake passports for Steven Spielberg’s New York.

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Irfon Watkins



Irfon is the nearest Wales has to a Steve Jobs. He sees things early. And knows how to execute. His maverick new company creates a platform that rewards users for contributing data to the transport ecosystem, using blockchain powered tech.

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Sir David Brailsford

General Manager at Team Sky

His whole how to win principle came from the idea that if you broke down everything you could think of that goes into riding a bike, and then improved it by 1%, you will get a significant increase when you put them all together.

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Lyn Evans



Dr Lyn Evans, the son of a miner from Aberdare is now one of the most influential physicists in the world. He has been in charge of the world’s costliest science experiment since ‘94 — the Large Hydrogen Collider at CERN in Switzerland.

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Pete Bodenham


St. Dogmaels Pottery

Peter Bodenham is a leading contemporary potter and visual artist. Peter lives and runs a studio in Cardigan, West Wales and works at Bath Spa University as a Senior Lecturer within the Ceramics department.

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Jonathan Williams


Pembrokeshire Beach Food Co.

The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company started life as a street food trader on Freshwater west beach. A love of the sea and food brought Jonathan back to Wales. It has gone on to develop a range of award-winning products.

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Tom Rack, Ali Williams, Dave Id, Peter Gregory & Richie Turner


No Fit State Circus

Canada has Cirque Du Soleil. Wales has its own equally unique contemporary circus company. Founded in 1986 by five friends. They travel together, live together, put their life on the line together. They will take your breath away.

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Fiona Stewart


Green Man

Independent music and arts festival held annually in mid-August in the Brecon Beacons. It has evolved into a 20,000 capacity 4-day event. All-night bonfires and secret gigs all add to the festival’s unique alternative identity.

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John Rostron/DJ Huw Stephens


Sŵn Festival

Each Autumn Swn brings together emerging artists from Wales, the UK and beyond to takeover grassroots venues and interesting spaces across the capital City of Wales — Cardiff. It may be small in size but, it’s big in impact.

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Lee John Phillips


Grandfather’s Tool Shed

Lee is currently cataloguing the entire contents of his late Grandfather’s tool shed. It will take around five years and will involve him illustrating more than 100,000 items. His Grandfather would be very proud.



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