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18 min readNov 18, 2021

Some products, some services, some experiences are just right. It’s hard to know how to make them simpler, more beautiful or more useful. They bring together innovation, tradition, and great design, to make something that is truly special.

This list was put together to celebrate those who decide to ‘Do One Thing Well’, which it turns out is a rare thing. For us, it takes 75 different processes to make a pair of our jeans. And we only have to be world class at 75 of them. Eek.

  1. Gifts

Ffern. Small batch, organic, English perfume blended four times per year.

Ichizawa Shinzaburo Hanpu Bags. Staying behind the times.

Pelegrims Single Vineyard Skincare

Pelegrims. Single Vineyard Skincare made from English Grape Extracts.

Clean Up Camo

Clean Up Camo. Telling the story of plastic pollution within the pattern.


RE=COMB. Beauty from waste. Combs made from recycled plastic.

Kay Bojesen Denmark

Kay Bojesen Denmark. World-famous wooden toys with soul.

Plus. Waterless Personal Care for a Happier Planet.

Grenson Dog Collar. Grenson, but for those with four feet.

Stories & Ink

Stories & Ink. Nourish, define and protect tattooed skin for life.

London Undercover

London Undercover. Bad Luck is the new Good Luck.

Know Yourself Better Journal. Gain insight with more than a blank page.

Boita Bags

Boita Bag Co. Luxe. Modern. Eco Conscious Bags.

2. Women

Voylok. Sustainable footwear for nature and her lovers.

Fuji & Hakone

Fuji & Hakone. Clothing inspired by Japan.

Babaà Clothing

Babaà. Wear forever knitwear.

Behind Her Label

Behind Her Label. Elevating emerging female designers.

Billie. Everyday essentials without the Pink Tax.

Bug Clothing. Purposeful, comfortable and timeless linen wear.

CLED. Eco gems upcycled from discarded glass.

Greater Goods

Greater Goods. Dedicated to sustainability and the nature of upcycling.


Herd Bags. Recycled Bags for a Colourful Life.


Nuud. Fresh Armpits Worldwide.


Pangaia. Designing a better future starts now

Two Thirds

Two Thirds. Ocean at heart. Eco in mind. Climate Neutral.


Stutterheim. Swedish Melancholy at its Driest.

Kent. World’s first verified compostable underwear.

3. Books

Virgil Abloh. Icons.

Virgil Abloh. Nike. Icons. Deep insights into engineering ingenuity.

Fear Stalks the Land! by Thom Yorke & Stanley Donwood.

DO Earth. by Tamsin Omond.

Art Sleeves. Album Covers by Artists.

The Power of Chōwa. The Japanese philosophy of finding balance, even when things seem to go in the wrong direction.

After Dark. Photography by Liam Wong. Moments of isolation, from London to Tokyo, Seoul to Hong Kong.

Portrait of an Artist. Polaroids by Hugo Huerta Marin. Celebrating women who have irrevocably shaped their respective creative industries.

Dazed: 30 Years Confused. The Covers That Launched a Movement.

Good is the New Cool. by Bobby Jones and Afdhel Aziz

4. Events.

DO Lectures Wales 2022. Welcome back to the farm.

Chapel. On a mission to change the live music revenue model forever.

Birmingham Design Festival. A celebration of the local, national and international design industry.

Web Summit. Where the future goes to be born.

OFFF Barcelona. A way of life and a way of understanding art.

RE:WIRED. Conversations About Humanity’s Biggest Bets.

Nicer Tuesdays. It’s Nice That make the last Tuesday of every month nicer.

SXSW. Proving that the most unexpected discoveries happen when diverse topics and people come together.

Makers + Mavericks. Off-grid event.

Saidaiji Eyo Hadaka Matsuri. Japan’s Naked Man Festival. A raucous festival all about luck and happiness.

5. Geek


Starlink. High-speed, low-latency broadband engineered by SpaceX.


VanMoof V. Everything you love about riding, and then some.

Apple AirPods Max. The ultimate personal listening experience is here.

Elvie. Smarter technology for women.

Wingback Mechanical Pencil. The Designer’s Mechanical Pencil.

Epicene Collection. Typefaces have no gender.

Apple MacBookPro. Supercharged for pros. The most powerful MacBook Pro ever is here.

Hasselblad 907X Anniversary Edition. For photography aficionados.

LEGO adidas Originals. You’re too young to not be playing with LEGO.

Le Puzz. Puzzles for people who puzzle with people (or alone).

Logitech 4K Pro Webcam. Visually amazing video calls.

OpenSea. Discover, collect, and sell extraordinary NFTs.

Naim Solstice. A new dawn for music.

Nolii. Modular tech accessories built around you.

Pivo Pod. Auto tracking for calls and content creation.

VW ID. Buzz. A new era for Volkswagen’s most iconic vehicle.

6. Kitchen

Anaori Kakugama. It takes a month to carve out this minimalistic cube from a single block of carbon graphite. Nothing is left to chance.

Infarm. Fresh taste for People and Planet.

Apple HomePod Mini. Jam-packed with innovation.

Objets-Bijoux. Small household objects made with a particularly refined metal-working process.

Advent by Anja Dunk. 100 classic baking recipes for the season.

Paola C Teapot. Makes tea a full sensory experience.

WÜSTHOF Kitchen Shears. Over 200 years of time-tested experience.

Labour and Wait Bib Apron. Often imitated, never equalled.

Urban Ole Ecopark Fork Whitteling Kit. The satisfaction of making.

Victorinox Peelers. Turning prep tasks into child’s play.

Sage: The Pizzaiolo. The first domestic benchtop oven to hit 400°C.

7. Men

Vollebak. Using science and imagination to create products no-one thought possible.

Off-White. Collaborations and luxury fashion. Founded by Virgil Abloh.

G Foot by Gorillaz. Real style in a cartoon world.

Community Clothing. Helping restore economic prosperity in some of the UK’s most deprived areas.

Respoke. Iconic designer silk scarves repurposed into chic shoes.

Lavenham x Nicholas Daley. Traditional quilting expertise meets Japanese fabric technology.

Wasted x Geoff McFetridge. Beautifully Sustainable Products For a Brighter Future.

Sunspel and Camille Walala. Walala presents her version of the traditional Fair Isle knit.

Bobblehaus. 100% compostable in 8 weeks. 10 trees planted for every item purchased.

Sheep Inc. A naturally carbon negative knitwear brand working extremely closely with sheep.

8. Apps

Nike SNKRS. Your ultimate sneaker source. Your AI-powered assistant.

SwissBorg. Invest in cryptos the smart way.

Daisie. A platform for all the creators to learn, grow and get inspiration from experts.

Telegram. A new era of messaging.

Monadd. Address Changes, Sorted.

Procreate. The complete art studio you can take anywhere.

My Trees. Karma is real.

Lunar Crush. Social intelligence for cryptocurrencies.

Too Good To Go. Ready to fight food waste?

9. Home.

Quobus by Marc Newson. Holds books and objects, but also has an identity and looks good.

Vestaboard. Meet the most beautiful messaging display.

Petersen Tegl Bricks. The Armani of bricks.

Common Design. Furniture designed for reassembly.

Mela Weighted Blanket. Feel better. Sleep better.

LAYERS by UAU project. 3D Printed products, designed to be printed and manufactured at home.

Lick. Life doesn’t stand still, and neither should your walls.

NakNak. Simple, functional and beautiful objects.

Acorn Vase. Innovative and beautifully designed.

Briiv. Creating safe, clean homes, through the power of plants.

Takt. Rethink furniture. Both how it is designed and sold.

Harmoni. Protect your health and enhance your productivity.

Höfats. You and your best friends gathered around a crackling fire. Is there anything better than that?

Varier. Ergonomic chairs that invite people to move when they sit.

10. Magazines & Journals

Sirene. The Ocean Outside. The Ocean Inside.

INQUE. Documenting what is going to be an era-defining decade, it will run no advertising, have no web version, and only ever publish 10 issues.

Rakes Progress. The art of gardens, plants, flowers.

Primary Paper. What is it that makes us feel human?

Paperboy. Delivering only good news since 2021.

Kindling. From the makers of Kinfolk. A magazine made for people with children!

Magazine F. A food documentary magazine co-created by Magazine B.

Joon. Art by a diverse group of humans based in Portland and beyond.

Guardian Saturday. A brave and dynamic new magazine for the weekend.

The Big Issue. A redesign breathes new life into a British icon.

Field Guide. A combined print and audio experience made for the world around us.

11. Sport & Fitness

MAAP. Riding apparel that just makes the ride better.

Hydrow. Combines full-body endorphins with the power of meditative movement.

On Cyclon. Recyclable Running Shoe Subscription.

Tangram SmartRope. The Evolution of a Classic.

Nurvv. Unrivalled Running Insight.

Albion. Don’t shy away from grey skies. Products for cycling in British conditions.

Hurley PhantomSurf. 9' Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

MIRROR from Lululemon. Change how you see home workouts.

Theragun PRO. The deep muscle treatment trusted by pros.

Run Amok. Activewear born from adventurers.

Hākinakina. Activewear that works as hard as you play.

GRL PCK. Rad Race’s sister brand, Grl Pck.

12. Food & Drink

Minor Figures. The oat milk that has a focus on creative culture and how those within it work best.

Saft. Swedish cordial made with foodies in mind.

Lakrids by Bülow. Began in the world’s smallest liquorice factory.

Blighty Booch. Award-winning organic kombucha. Small batch brewed in Conwy, Wales.

HopTea. This is what happens when you brew tea like a craft beer.

Tru Colours. The brewery fighting to end gang violence in America’s neighbourhoods.

Nàdar Vodka. Climate positive. Harnessing the power of both nature and science to create this world first vodka spirit.

Dom Pérignon X Lady Gaga. The story of two creators and a celebration of those who push boundaries.

Inedit. A Malt & Wheat Beer created by the world’s most award-winning chef.

Ocelot Femme. From beans grown organically by women cocoa farmers in Eastern Congo, the world’s first female cocoa cooperative.

Small Beer. Small beers for big thinkers.

Last Crumb. The Rolex of Cookies.

Wally and Whiz. Wine gums made for adults.

The White Hag Brewing Co. Classic beer styles and ancient Irish mythology.

13. Travel

Réflexion. Accommodation that reflects the calming beauty of the nature that surrounds it.

Nuuk. Travel to the first sustainable capital in the world.

Isfjord Radio. Solitude far from civilization, with no road connection.

Quetzalcoatl’s Nest. The fantasy land Airbnb rental with its own park that includes botanical gardens, lakes, and even a cave of minerals.

Aman Kyoto. Set in a secret garden at the heart of a forest.

Hotel Milla Montis. Origins with a new interpretation.

Bertie’s Whisky Bar. Nothing at The Fife Arms is to be expected.

Grand Stark. Embodies and evolves the independent spirit of the Pacific Northwest.

The Seeds. Eclectic Pods Nestled in a Chinese Pine Forest.

The Goodtime Hotel. Pharrell Williams’ Hotel in Miami Beach channels a reimagined art deco aesthetic.

14. Made in Wales

M-SParc. Together we grow and inspire.

Carta & Wood. Captivating paper engineering.

Carpenter and Cloth. Clothing and shelter from materials found in the landscape of Mid Wales.

Hard Lines. More than just good coffee.

Lord Cycles. Made to Measure Steel. Nothing is rushed here and only a handful of frames are made every year.

Frost & Kin. Hand printed, hand sewn items created with love.

Heads Above The Waves. Promoting positive, creative ways of dealing with the bad days.

Onesta. Better for people, better for the planet.

Wild Trails Wales. Discover the magic of mountain sunrises, coastal sunsets and quiet nature in the most beautiful parts of Wales.

Made by Bill. Lovingly handmade in Wales using local native timbers.

Hebron Vineyard. Family run, low intervention, organic vineyard.

Pothies. A quiet celebration of life and a hug for the soul.

Cortado Cask Aged Gin. Award winning limited edition from In The Welsh Wind Distillery.

Skratch Studio. Handmade Ceramics, Gifts and Prints. Lumps, bumps and wobbly edges abound.

Yr Hen Printworks. Tapas. Welsh style. Based in Cardigan.

Nellie and Eve. Hand dyed wool yarns using botanical extracts from a mountain garden in West Wales.

Deyah. The rising Welsh rapper forging her own path.

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