Medium tutorial

6:00 min long summery

Getting started:

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Green “Sign in /Sign up” option and sign up via Facebook or Gmail
  3. Click the Green “Write a story” option

Writing a story:

  1. Text- type any text, selecting the text will open a tooltip which will allow you to add different text styling
Selecting the text and the tooltip

2. Adding images, links, videos- go to a new row and click the “plus” button

Click the “plus” button

3. Need help?- click the three dots in the upper menu bar, then choose “Hints and keyboard shortcuts”. This will open an interactive tutorial.

Click the three dots

Publish your story and add it to a publication:

Click the green “Publish” option.

Click the grey “Edit” option.

When you are done, clicks the three dots in the upper menu bar and choose “Add to publication”.

Then choose “Small is Beautiful” publication and click “Add story”.