What Is Wrong With Us?

It’s a long lonely trip…

Something is wrong with the world, very wrong. This is not the usual dilemma of whether someone is being right and you decipher it to be wrong, it is much deeper than that. Eyebrows are being raised at every point, simple shrugs are considered as a cry for war. We are living in difficult times when words are flowing without any filters and images are not without one. In trying to hide their behinds everyone has been kissing up to others’.

We are living in complexities and superiority complex. It’s saddening that an act of kindness has become a rarity that it is showcased to the world as an example.

Social media experiments are conducted to gauge the human reaction to a situation, to gauge the etiquette that are supposed to be embedded in us.

Stealth, lies come rolling out our tongue like alphabets from a kindergartner. We feel a contempt in belittling someone, a false sense of superiority. We do not confront, we criticize.

I have been a victim of this falsehood too, and I regret it, more so when I look around and see the world and my heart shrinks every time a little bit.

The times when it is difficult to know who is laughing on what. In an effort to try and fit in we are losing originality. We are turning into sycophants to climb the ladder to top rather than focus on good quality of work.

Work no longer speaks for itself, lies do!

When I was little I had been told a story about frogs in two jar trying to get out. Frogs in one jar made a frog-chain taking each other’s help and were eventually able to jump out and attain their freedom.

The ones in the other jar were busy pulling each other’s leg and eventually died but didn’t let anyone else jump out.

I don’t know how much truth the story holds, it was just another anecdote our teacher had shared when during those good ol’ days they needed something to keep us occupied, something to imbibe the moral values. Those were simpler times, when innocent stories could be made to teach complex etiquette, today even complex stories fail to teach simple values.

Times are changing, and if you don’t keep up with the ever pacing world it will crush you beneath its egotistical crusade. People say, if you want to keep up with the world you have to flow in its stream or you will be pushed out of the way. Why? I ask. An innocent question with no answer.

We get a sadist satisfaction in belittling everyone around us. That social media post making fun of others seems like a proud achievement. The act of pulling other’s leg that starts as a fun filled game but soon turns to a much meaner competition with name calling.

We get up with a warm heart and sleep with a heavier one. I think we need to set our priorities straight for once, the rueful time spent on pleasing or criticizing could be turned into gleeful moments.

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