#006 Small Talk with Monkixx – Sam Goodwin / ill Future

Small Talk with Monkixx

The podcasts are coming thick and fast and it’s amazing how much support people are giving this concept and I really do appreciate it. This week has seen some pretty decent updates. I have decided to go weekly with the podcasts from now on. Now I have the format down and the direction pretty set for how I want it to go, I feel it would be more beneficially for me to do it weekly, so make sure you get the automatic downloads set on iTunes or whatever destination you will downloading from, it would really help.

I also am going to stream the shows on Tuesday early evenings on Bassport FM. So if you wanted to listen in on there also that would be great.

I also have some more updates coming in the not so distant future but will keep those for when they are a certain.

For this episode I sat down and spoke to a very good friend of mine, Sam Goodwin. He is the owner/founder of the ill Future blog/community. We discuss the community and what it’s about, along with where he sees it going. We also get on to some recent books we’ve read and lots more creative chat including graffiti, street art and his favourite artists. Make sure you give it a listen as it was a really enjoyable podcast to record.

#006 — Small Talk with Monkixx — iLL FUTURE

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