#009 Small Talk with Monkixx — Snooks

Small Talk with Monkixx

The 9th instalment of the Small Talk podcast sees Snooks from Subpac join me in a decent chat. I have really been looking forward to this podcast, since we pencilled in a date. I love modern technology so to get to chat about the Subpac was pretty exciting. We spoke about forthcoming projects in the AR & VR realm of the Subpac, along with the technology inside and loads more! We also got on to chatting about his ventures within music, from Black Market records and Dub vendor all the way through to his label NiteShade and his AV side project Bass Scapes.

Make sure you go and follow all of his projects below! And below is the SoundCloud link to the podcast, but other links are at the bottom of the page. Hope you find it as enjoyable as it was to record it.

Subpac Website
NiteShade Soundcloud
Nite shade Website
Twitter — @SnooksSound
Twitter — @BassScapes 

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