Cameron French — MIT Nuclear Engineering (Podcast)

Author’s Note: I originally published this Small Town Top College Podcast episode in 2016. In an attempt to make the information from the STTC blog more accessible, I’m moving to Medium.

On this episode of the STTC podcast I interview a good friend, Cameron French. I met Cameron at MIT where we were both involved in the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program. Cameron is from a Sharon Springs, New York a “village” of about 600 people. I can’t wait to share his story from such a small town to studying Nuclear Engineering at MT.

In Part 1 We Cover:

  • How Cameron came to the decision to apply for MIT.
  • How to overcome a lack of science and technology opportunities at your high school.
  • How his parents helped him immensely throughout the college application and decision process, even though they did not attend college themselves.
  • Why the internet is awesome for researching colleges.
  • How starting to think about the college process early (13 years old!) can be incredibly beneficial.
  • Why making your grades irrelevant is the best strategy.
  • How he and his family went about college visits.
  • The importance of staying organized as you apply to and decide on multiple colleges by using a spreadsheet and/or folder.
  • Why Cameron decided to pursue Nuclear Engineering.
  • His love of Rubik’s Cubes and playing guitar.
  • The importance of meeting current students at your intended colleges.
  • How writing essays in an honest and personal manner can make you stick out from the crowd.

In Part 2 We Cover:

  • Confidence during the application process.
  • Creating a robust college strategy.
  • The awful waiting game after turning in your application.
  • The meaning behind MIT admissions timing.
  • Cameron’s acceptance letter story. (with Snuggies!)
  • Taking classes at MIT during the summer before his Freshman year.
  • Adapting to difficult academics.
  • Financing a top college education.
  • Cool projects he worked on.
  • The incredible people you meet at a top college.
  • Clubs, groups, and Greek life at MIT.
  • What an MIT diploma means to someone from a tiny town.
  • Dealing with difficult situations.
  • Developing self-awareness.
  • Taking advantage of the internet.

Links for Listening

Thanks for Listening!

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to Cameron and me chat. I hope that you were able to get a lot out of it.



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