Creating the Perfect Splash Page for Your App

​You’ve created your mobile app…but now you have to consider marketing it. Definitely always consider social media, digital marketing, etc. But another thing you should probably consider is creating a splash or landing page for your mobile app. That way when you are posting things to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you have a trackable link that also prompts viewers to immediately download your new mobile app.

The first thing you want to pay attention to when building your idea splash page is to make a GREAT first impression. The very first thing your visitors need to see is something that immediately grabs their attention. Make your screen relatable and with an immediate call to action.

Take for instance Primer’s landing page.

​They’ve started with the bright blue (a color everyone knows excudes trust). They’ve even added a couple icons in the background that include a partially eaten donut and coffee. And the tagline is “You can take our bite-sized lessons wherever and whenever you have 5 minutes free.” They’ve immediately grabbed your attention with the trustworthy blue color, added a couple things you can relate to (coffee and donuts), and even understands you probably don’t have a ton of time to spare throughout the day.

Also consider putting a Call to Action (CTA) on that page as being one of the first things people see. Take a look at Primer’s page again. They straight up tell you to “Get the App.” No questions, no beating around the bush. Just do it. CTA’s are a necessity in digital marketing.

Another bit of advice to keep the design and theme of your landing page site as similar to the design of your mobile app as possible. The design used for the app is as much its branding as the logo itself.

Keep your landing page as strict and to the point as possible. Don’t add more sections than you need to. Take a look at Saurochat’s page.

That’s it. Literally nothing else. It’s got some fun screenshots, color changes to grab your attention, and a tagline with a call to action. Pretty sweet, huh? But seriously. Click the link above and check it out. That blue color changes, and it is most certainly eye catching.

Your visitor should also be able to fully answer these questions when looking at the very first page of your site. Without ever looking anywhere else.

“What is the product?”
“Why should I buy it?”
“Where do I buy it?”

If these questions can’t be immediately answered as soon as they arrive on your landing page, you’ve done something wrong.

A good landing page can make your sales or downloads skyrocket. ​

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