Don’t Read This If You Have a Content Based Website

Why shouldn’t I read this? you ask. Because then you’ll realize you have more options at your fingertips than you thought you did when it comes to reaching your audience. We’re sorry we’ve made you regret your not knowing. (We’re totally not sorry).

Does your business have a mobile app strategy?

Having just a mobile responsive website is no longer good enough. Smartphone apps now account for nearly half of the digital media time spent.

Apps will account for 86% of adults’ non-voice smartphone time this year, with the mobile web accounting for just 14%.

Key Challenges

Digital publishers must have a well-developed platform strategy for converting their large mobile web audiences into highly engaged, loyal app users.

Big Brands Dominate

Time spent on apps is growing, but large internet companies command the majority of app time, so it can be a challenging market for lesser-known brands.

App Engagement

Users are moving apps into folders, and are less likely to allow push notifications, making it harder than ever for apps to be seen.

A Mobile Publishing & Ecommerce Platform

Storefront + Interactive App

You can package and sell content or create interactive experiences. Even better, do both and dramatically grow your audience and increase sales.

How it works

Instantly deploy a storefront for your eBooks, audiobooks, and interactive content. Merchandise your content using our store management system and sell anytime, anywhere on any device.


Simply import your content. ePubs, PDFs, Audio, Video, or Interactive content


Simultaneously publish a branded mobile web and native app storefront on all devices


Create and publish interactive experiences and targeted messages to engage with your audience


Convert your engaged users into paying customers!

A Storefront Built for Content

Content merchandising (100% brand experience)

Instantly set up a visually stunning storefront simultaneously on web, iOS, and Android.

Shelf app (Web, iOS, & Android)

Give your customers the choice to buy and access your content on any device at any time. Even OFFLINE.

Protect your IP (DRM and access control)

You’re always in control of your IP. Your content is protected even if it’s downloaded to the end user’s device.

Plug-n-play Ecommerce (Payments, business models, & taxation)

Easily setup and manage in-app or credit card payments. Whether it’s try-and-buy or subscriptions, ensure your content business is successful.

Marketing and SEO (Offers, promotions, & landing pages)

Set up offers and promotions to convert downloads to purchases. Give your marketing team the necessary tools to be creative.

Analytics and reports (Conversion & audience metrics)

Map your content usage to deomographic data and usage patterns. Accurately track the channels that offer you the best conversion.

Key Features

Publish to mobile web and native app

Simultaneously publish your storefront as a native mobile app on iOS, Android, and mobile web. Give your customers a unified branded experience on any device.

Responsive design

Global CDN for super fast loads

Single click purchase

Smooth transition from web to app

Payment options

Give your customers the choice to purchase your content using in-app or credit card based payment.

Deploy in-app purchase simultaneously across iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon stores.

Cross Platform in-app purchase

Transfer purchases across iOS and Android

Sales tax and VAT integration

No commissions. Keep 100% of the sales

Business models

Set up a business model that’s most appropriate for your content and intended audience.

One time payments


Subscriptions (B2B and B2C)

Shelf App

Your customers can consume your content via an app on iOS and Android. It will even work in offline mode. Give your customers the choice and ease of use to access your content any way, any time, and anywhere.

epub and PDF reader

Video and audiobook player

Interactive content

Offline access

Campaign Management

Set up a range of offers and promotions to convert visits into purchases. Take control of your promotions and monitor it’s efficiency in real-time.

Free offers

Limited time and limited use offers

Fixed price and precentage discounts

Buy X get Y offers

More Awesome Features!

Offline access

Engage with your audience even when they are offline via native apps

Update in real-time

Always ensure that your audience sees the most up to date version of your content

3rd party integration

We support integration into popular CRM, analytics, and marketing automation solutions

Managed deployment

Easily manage the complexity of apps across multimple app stores using our dashboard.

Structured content

Import your content into our structured content format to create interactive xperiences at scale.

Built-in social features

Drive engagement levels with your app users using our built-in “likes” and “comments” feature

User management

User built-in Facebook, Twitter, or email logins, or use SSO to authenticate with your internal systems

Customer support

Wer’re real people who deeply care about your success. We’ll ensure your issues are fixed ASAP.

Our services

Feature customization

Think it and we can build it for you. Our team of engineers can extend any functionality you require


Our Webby award winning team of designers can bring your concept to life

Product strategy

Work with our experienced team of app experts to plan out your mobile strategy

Dedicated team

Hire a dedicated team of experts to execute and manage your mobile strategy

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