11 Small But Powerful Inspirational Quote Tattoos

Sometimes it only takes a few words of encouragement to inspire you, but these small quote tattoos will make sure you stay inspired forever

The simplest idea can often be the right choice as a tattoo, especially when it comes to beautiful words. These small quote tattoos full of meaning and inspiration can ensure that those words that speak to you and motivate you are always part of you. This list of tattoos might be just perfect for those of you looking to get your first, or need something more subtle.

“Give every man thy ear, but few thy voice”
© Doy
“Create yourself”
“You are enough”
© Evan Kim
“Only in the darkness can you see the stars”
© Seoeon
“There is always hope”
© Banul
“Make it count”
© Banul
“Shit happens”
© Kaiyu Huang
“Feelin’ Fine”
© Miso · Stanislava Pinchuk
“Stay strong”
© Drag
“Keep moving forward”
© East
“Let it be”
© Wong Pui Yee · Babyshoe

One more thing: if you are thinking of getting any kind of script, make sure the quote is written correctly. For more inspiration, check our tattoo quotes.

Author: Small Tattoos

Originally published at www.tattoofilter.com.

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