How to Re-Evaluate What Innovation Means for Your Fitness Facility

Jake Curreri
Mar 13, 2020 · 2 min read

The health and wellness industry is ever-evolving with technology at the forefront of many products. Consumers have a plethora of options for incorporating wellness into their lives. From fitness facilities to digital apps for activity tracking and calorie counting, on-demand classes, in-home equipment, heart rate monitors, the list goes on. When do we make a decision to incorporate a few elements of consumer options without overwhelming and over-engineering the experience of achieving an individual’s wellbeing? Technology services the fitness industry. When you undermine the fitness industry itself you realize health and wellness are a different experience overall.

As leaders in the industry, we took a step back to re-evaluate the intention behind the impact software has on an individual’s experience within a fitness facility through our work with Fitness One. We were prompted to re-think member engagement with the question of “How do we expand beyond the four walls?”

At its root, we built several products and continue to iterate over several products. Some of which had obvious fitness objectives. Others of which serve to create a customer service experience that lasts outside the facility. SmallWorld built a CRM where sales associates can reach back out to current and prospective members and changed up commissions programs to positively encourage sales associates. We built systems around express circuits and heart rate monitors. Competition leaderboards for healthy competition. Digital on-demand classes for use inside the gym as well as at home. Push notifications, showing activities and rewards. Asking questions to better offerings to members informed us of the technological roadmap. We built for the benefit of the members, first. We worked to create a community through tools of encouragement, loyalty programs, and incentivization. Which later resulted in increased engagement for the facility overall.

I urge you to ask questions of yourself and your facility. How are you getting new members? How are you retaining members? Is a member really a member of your facility? Are they engaging in what you’re offering? Or are they solely just existing within the facility?

If you’re not giving your facility members your best, they’ll find better. Your biggest competitor isn’t the gym next door, it’s often your consumer. They have more options today and will have more options tomorrow. Make sure you’re doing everything in your power to make data-driven, people-focused decisions for your membership.

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