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7 Tips to Stay Productive When Working at Home During a Quarantine

Working remotely comes with a lot of advantages and flexibility. Many people are accustomed to the occasional work-from-home day (WFH calendar block, anyone?), but how does it change when that becomes your new everyday routine? Handling the change of everyone on your team working remotely, in different timezones with completely different schedules, suddenly everything you thought you knew about navigating your workday is changed. At SmallWorld, we employ a small team all over the globe. Everyone works from home, and it’s been extremely successful thus far. Setting up this environment isn’t easy though, as it takes a lot of communication, organization, trust, and strong relationships while maintaining efficiency.

While working in the comfort of your home can be very rewarding, it comes with a lot of challenges. It is imperative to prioritize mental and physical health, as this is something that we have incorporated into our team culture overall. The SmallWorld team came together to offer a few tips and tricks we’ve discovered along our journey. If you’re working from home or managing a team remotely for the first time, this is for you.

  1. Set a Routine. Practices such as making your bed or getting dressed in the morning will mentally prepare you for productivity. Lounging around in PJs can bring about a mentality of laziness and unpreparedness.
  2. Set a Space. Don’t let your office become your bed or couch- separate your home spaces with intention. Have a clean, organized desk to improve mental clarity and overall efficiency.
  3. Move Around. Even getting outside your four walls to get fresh air or getting physical activity can reset your thoughts and help engage new ideas and creativity. Taking time to stretch, run, or other easy exercises will provide rest for your mind while gaining clarity.
  4. Be Social. Just because you’re working remotely doesn’t mean you can’t have conversations. Set up a time to chat on the phone. It’s helpful to hear your own voice, and give yourself time for social interaction. For the sake of your mental health and overall motivation, make sure you do not remain isolated- physically and socially- when working remotely.
  5. Give Yourself Time for You. Whether it’s meditation, yoga, drawing, reading, or another hobby you enjoy, be self-aware of when you need a break. It is okay to pause and enjoy a moment in the workday.
  6. Discover your Organization Techniques. Whether using technology and apps to organize your work life or buying notebooks and planners to handwrite things down is your vibe, explore your options to declutter and strategize how to best enhance daily productivity at home.
  7. Focus Sprints. Setting a timeframe for getting something accomplished is essential when working from home. In an environment full of distractions, it is helpful to set goals within time constraints to complete a task without any of those potential interruptions.

Overall, we can agree on this: establishing mental and physical routines that assist in your total wellbeing is crucial when working remotely. Everyone has their own style, schedules, and preferences, but prioritizing your mental and physical health will always lead to success in life. Work alongside like-minded individuals- those who challenge and encourage you! Take the time to create your own team culture while working remotely and build upon that for the years to come.

Originally published at on March 17, 2020.




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Rachel Majors

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