Is it totally OK to go gaga over Nuts ?

This is a question I’ve always been asked ever since I was a kid. My immediate response would be, they are so crunchy, why not? Nuts are something which I never get tired of nibbling, given to me at any part of the day or night. They are tasty, light, healthy and easy to grab. Over the years, my love for nuts has increased far more than before, after getting to know its immense health benefits and the boon it does to our body.

We live in a new-age era of fast foods and food trucks selling hot and tasty foods that we tend to forget if what we are eating is really nutritious or not. Somewhere down the line, we find ourselves cursing for glutting on carelessly because we hardly have time to shed on cooking and feeding our system the nutrition it requires. There comes the nut to our rescue, packed with nutrition in small cases. In the nut, nothing is lost, except perhaps the noise it makes when breaking. Nut nutrition is complete since it contains a good amount of vitamins and minerals apart from healthy fats and essential energy.

What is the best time to eat?

As they are densely packed with nutrients and considered a wonderful gift from Mother Nature, one should have a fair idea of how and when to eat them.

Morning is one of the best times to eat dry fruits and nuts since they kickstart our day with the daily dose of energy. It’s a common scenario seen at the dining table in the morning where plates are half-eaten/untouched, fruits are half-bitten and people are in for a hundred metres dash that they hardly have time to sit down and eat. Grabbing a handful of nuts before you rush out of the door is a glorious deed that you can do for yourself. It keeps your brain supercharged for the day and makes your memory stay sharp and strong.

Then there are those noshings where you want to nibble on something which is bite sized but not junk yet healthy. Savour these dry fruits and nuts as a mid-day or post lunch snack and your good to go with all the fibre and energy. They help to fill up the gaps in between your meals for a short period until your next repast.

However, moderation is the key to achieve best results. Like how they say big things come in small packages, overeating dry fruits and nuts can also lead to weight gain since they are little factories of dense calories. They should be consumed at frequent intervals since fat’s metabolism takes time.

How to eat in order to get the full nutrition?

Now that you know as to when you should eat them, the next question is how you should eat them so that you can retain their nutrients completely and get maximum nourishment.

Almonds and raisins can generally be soaked the previous night itself in order to reap its full benefits. Prefer eating them raw, directly as a snack as these nature friendly treats hardly need a kitchen help.

Combine few dry fruits and nuts together making a splendid trail mix and you can carry them along with you wherever you go. In that way, you can measure out each ingredient carefully and keep a tab.

Adding dry fruits and nuts as a topping to your milkshakes, ice creams, cakes, muffins, sundaes, oatmeal or yoghurt is a wise option too in case you forget your routine. Tossing them in your salads is also a fab way to ensure you have some variety in your bowl.

So here’s the real question, why should you be eating them?

· Loaded with micronutrients, antioxidants and fibre, dried fruits and nuts are highly nutritious. They contain the same amount of nutrients as a fresh fruit.

· It can boost your immune system, regulate the functioning of body organs and keep the lifestyle diseases at bay by activating your antioxidant shield. Keeping up your energy levels at the same time managing your stress can be quite taxing.

· A nut fix should do all the wonders by banishing your blues away and improving your mood will never become a task when you have some nuts handy.

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Happy Diwali in advance!

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