Week 4 — Postmortem

This has been the most productive week. We got to advance on the project, we made some mocks for the application, I also worked setting up the project, which was more difficult that I thought, I had some problems with the editor, VSCode, I had problems getting the application to run, because there were some setup needed before running it, like downloading the necessary android SDKs and build tools, there was some weird reason that I needed to create a folder in the android resources. The official tutorials never mentioned that. And even after that, there were issues when trying to run the tests, although I don’t know if I’ll have time to write tests, I’d like, but I would rather advance as much as possible in this an other projects. Everything is working fine now, at least. Overall experience, it’s much easier to setup a native android Java application than the React Native one, but I hope that it’s compensated by a much quicker development compared to doing it in Java.

City Lights” flickr photo by Stanley Zimny (Thank You for 36 Million views) https://flickr.com/photos/stanzim/12433480454 shared under a Creative Commons (BY-NC) license

So that was the first week, next week I will start actually developing the application, I will start by creating the React Native version of the mocks, probably mock some fake data until Carlos and Miguel have a working backend. I’m looking forward to see how are the UoA guys doing, and what thoughts they have to share with us.