One Chain to Connect Them All. Introduction to the LOGI CHAIN.

The LOGI CHAIN is about to get forged and the mighty smith is no other than Smart Containers. Finally facing a decentralized problem with a decentralized solution.

Disclaimer: This article is for educational purposes only and does not provide financial or investment advice. The reader is aware that there are special risks involved in dealing with blockchain and cryptocurrency assets.

The Aim of the LOGI CHAIN

Logistics is a series of highly complex processes that involves many players at once. These players communicate but besides the adaptation of technology as a platform no standard has been developed so far. Smart Containers is about to develop a lingua franca for the logistics industry: the LOGI CHAIN.

One platform to get all players up to speed, to handle all documents and permissions in one place. No more floods of emails. No more polluting the environment with senseless printing of documents. No more compatibility problems and clashes of individualized systems.

To show you how vast the amount of documents (and by this emails circulated) find a list of common documents needed for one air freight shipment below:

  • Documents of origin
  • Material safety sheet
  • Airway bill
  • Bill of lading
  • Transport order
  • Customs declaration documents & bills
  • Invoices
  • Product data sheet
  • Storage conditions
  • Transport conditions
  • Multiple service provider billings
  • Licenses

This adds up to the gigantic number of about 200 manually processed emails per shipment.

Eliminating time consuming work means also eliminating cost. The logistics industry runs on very low margins and therefore cost optimization is something very much looked for. This is a very important external impetus to make partners join the ecosystem.

The Tech Behind LOGI CHAIN

A combination of public and permission based chains will allow for all players in the ecosystem to store documents needed in the logistics processes. We are looking at multiple platforms to build the LOGI CHAIN on top including NEM, Fabric, Corda, EOS and NEO.

„Here‘s how the plan works: A physical logistics unit (e.g. a container, parcel, product, etc.) is mirrored as a virtual product (chip) on blockchain infrastructure. The virtual chip is available to every user at minimal cost. Various documents and attributes can be linked to the chip and made accessible to the relevant parties in the process (e.g. customs officers, freight forwarders, contractors, shippers, buyers, warehouse workers).“ — Smart Containers whitepaper

How is it Connected to Smart Containers?

LOGI CHAIN has a very important effect on the success of Smart Containers as well. It is crucial to consolidate the strategic partnerships already secured within the development of the subdivisions (SkyCell and FoodGuaridans). The success of LOGI CHAIN paves the way for new strategic partnerships and collaborations on one hand and will reduce operational costs dramatically on the other hand.

Besides being a technical network for logistics companies, LOGI CHAIN will strive to become a business network for a new era in logistics. Bringing major players together, including other blockchain based projects such as ShipChain, will scale beyond Smart Containers and its strategic partners very quickly.

The setup of LOGI CHAIN is such as it is a round table, an open collaboration platform for logistics players to reduce legacy commitments and enhance an effective, environment friendly and cost reducing high tech platform.

What’s in it for the Investors?

On the investor side the LOGI CHAIN offers the unique opportunity to partake in a project with a long outlook and a very exciting future. The project offers exciting stories that will develop — this ICO will be like a books first page and a evolving story that you will be able to follow in the making and be part of it.

A successful LOGI CHAIN will make the LOGI token a valuable and looked after asset. It will be listed on exchanges and tradable in the near future.

What’s Next?

Stay tuned for more updates and make sure to visit our website to get all the info you need. You can sign up to the whitelist by leaving your email.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with us — we will keep you posted.

The Smart Containers/LOGI CHAIN Team